Pure Indica first attempt


Wrong spot for this pic. Needs to be over in bud of the month


I missed the deadline. Next month lol

I’m bout to harvest and I’m a little confused about drying and curing. Is curing necessary? Or can I dry for 10 days or so then enjoy my fruits?

Yeah pretty necessary. Maybe hang dry for a week then put in paper bag between layers of paper bag for a week then in jars lol. take a sample but I’d go thru the steps after all that grow time

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Mine is looking pretty done but it grew so quick I’m hesitant to chop it. May try to wait til October Think it germed on July 8? Can’t remember tried to look they posts to find me saying hey my seed popped today lol.

After I hang dry do I trim the buds and put in paper bags or leave them on there branch? This is my first harvest.

A time table and a pic of this paper bag method would be awesome lol. Also when I jar it should I vacuum seal it?

I took the branch and cut off around buds leaving a bit of branch to hang it from then trimmed the leaves from around bud. Hang in cool dark place with a fan blowing Have to look up humidity level. Hang for a week? Then cut branch off bud and put in paper bag in layers with shredded paper bag like a lasagna For a week or two. Then in mason jars from Walmart. Open the jar every day for 15 min to "burp"it. Do that for a couple weeks then keep in jar as storage in a dark place. Like sock drawer lol. I’m thinking after I cure if I have a big enough stash to seal in food saver bags. Might want to read the harvest article on ilgm for time frames

Thanks! I’ll keep your info in mind when I get started.

Hi and congrads on a fine grow… Intrested to know the yield of one plant. Thanks.

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I got 3.5 ounces off the Pure Indica. But with some training of the plant and your self, you could potentially double that and more.

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