Purchase hasn't arrived yet

still marked as processing on order details but purchased almost a month ago??? 20seeds worth, paid at time of purchase and need urgently or will delay entire cycle setup

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Ask @ILGM.Stacy I believe she can help

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Your best bet is to email customer service through seed shop. Our support rep is tagged in post above, but please be patient as it’s now the weekend.

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If it makes you feel better I ordered from another seed bank in January and just received mine yesterday!

It’s the price we pay for the strains we want to acquire sometimes…

Never plan your grow around it tho

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Hi there,

You can find the ETA of your order in your shipping confirmation. It should arrive very soon now, it will not take more than 2 weeks from this point.


Hi made a purchase on 3/21/21 order #2074871 and haven’t received it yet. Made a purchase after that and got my seeds this Monday. I’m trying to find out the status of my order pls thanks


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