Purchase approval


Can’t seem to get the card approved for access to lab? Anyone know how to get around it?


did you call the card company and have “International Purchases” activated?


It’s a green dot card tried 3 times n couldn’t get a PERSON would that b it??? (Prepaid)


And @Oak thanks for answering


that may be it. I know that several of the seed sites do not except pre paid cards… thought ILGM did though


Thanks man have to go another rout I guess


send an email to customer support and ask them if they take pre paids… if they do, then it is just a matter of contacting green dot to activate international…and let me know too,lol


Okay thanks e


I sure will


Or maybee ask one of the mentors on here.


since pay ment is out side the us i had to call the cc and inform them of a over seas purchase and it went rite thru …you don’t have to say what the purchase is ,only that your making one …Hammer


That’s how I do with my credit card. Piece a cake, just like Hammer said. Mike


Hi @Nug-bug, we do accept pre-paid but a lot of those don’t do international transfers. Best contact the card company to see if they do and have them deblock international transactions. :smiley: