Pulling the trigger on QB'S?

Spend more on ph meter, either mentioned would work. And the cheap amazon tds meter will do. It’s a little less critical.

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Do you mean more than 50. Bucks?

Nah I think that apera one is around $40 but it’s a significantly better meter than a $20-$25 model.

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Gotcha. The only thing worse than spending too much is spending too little.

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Yup. Spending too little usually ends up in spending too much haha. Buy once cry once is what I say.


Is their perchance a model # ya’ll recomend? As their are about 10 diff. models available and I’m buying blind as I really don’t know the equip. This would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks again just ordered the A1209 meter, 50. But WTH I’ve been correcting errors in my first grow ,Lights (260xl), soil (ffof), 5gal pots (not 3gal) now the pH meter. Next thing … flowering nutes.


What are you using now?

If you refer to ph… nothing… just ordered my 1st.

I think I get it now. Wasn’t " correcting" ph but rather other issues IE: poor lights, too small a pot, poor dirt, ect. Never delt with ph. Like I said I learned alot here and thru the 1st grow, at least enough to plug the big holes so to speak. Still learning a lot thanks to you guys and gals.

Nutes, sorry.

Not using any at point. Was figuring with the FFOF I wouldn’t need much if any till flowering. Am I mistaken on that???