Pulling a # in a 3x3 with Sick

It can, but can also be biggest hindrance. You’re not going to mess up today and open your tent to a disaster tomorrow in a soil grow. Flip side to that is you could be screwing up for a week or two before you see any Ill effects. Once you see them, will probably take you a week or two to fix. If you start looking at 2-4 weeks of a grow in turmoil it’s gonna have a substantial effect on your outcome. You either need to recover the time or losses. Either way your bottom line is taking a hit. Growing in inert media you see issue pretty much right away, and you’re capable of fixing just as fast.


Wicked thanks brother!

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Seeds popped and have a 1/4 inch tap root.

I rehydrate the coco brick with a full strength mix of the Jack’s 321 formula ph’d to 6.0. With Canna coco bricks there is no need to prewash or rinse the coco. Simple rehydrate it with your nutrient solution and your ready to roll.

Light is 30 inches above the pots and turned down completely.

I’m not messing with solo cups this round. Unnecessary in my mind using coco because its impossible to overwater coco, and it adds an extra transplant that’s not needed.


Thanks @dbrn32 - yes, I see what you mean about the overall delays possible. I will definitely give it a go at some point. Having never grown anything before - it is a very steep learning curve. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.


I am set to watch. I might be ready to try coco if I keep up with this indoor thing.

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Coco is so much easier then soil. Definitely the most user friendly media to work with. I guess people hearing the feeding them the whole grow makes people iffy about it.


I think feeding them the whole grow atleast you know what they’re taking and how much they’re taking because you’re in control of it more, I kinda like the sound of that I’m glad I made the switch to coco :v:t2:

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@imSICKkid when should I start feeding nutes for the seedlings in coco? Still same about 2-3 weeks?

Very true - the feeding regime does look ominous from the outside - for a beginner - and even more so when you are running on a budget. Some of the nutes on the average shopping list stack up to a serious spend. As a total newbie to growing, there is a level of confidence in soil;

  1. Everything grows in dirt, it’s a weed - and they have been doing it that way for hundreds of years. We know it works.
  2. If as a beginner it goes to shit and I can’t grow - for whatever reason (including legality), I haven’t spent a heap on nutes that would go to waste.

For me, I want to get the training wheels off and have a greater level of confidence in my ability.

Definitely a fan of the coco grows though - the results can be phenomenal without doubt.


That’s exactly what I did buddy my first ever three are in flower now and they’re in compost, I only made the switch to coco for my next two as I feel a little more confident, and that’s thanks to everyone on this forum! You’ll learn everything you need here buddy promise you


Mate, I have learned literally everything I know here - the depth of knowledge here is incredible!
Is your aim to do a like for like grow - just changing the medium - to get an idea of the improvement possible? That would be fascinating.

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Sick keen to watch grow add me in cheers mate.


Yes mate I agree with you!

And yeah that’s exactly what I’m doing, and using no blooming nutes in these first compost three and I’m going to use the blooming nutes in the coco ones also see what differences it makes to the flower

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Tag me mate - really keen to see that.

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For sure bro!

I feed from day one on coco but I use different nutrients then you do.


Okay bro thank you!


Hahah thats honestly the best Zombie!!! I dont have it anymore sadly. But its the one with 4 player coop on one system right?


Yeah it’s the shizzzz!