Pulling a # in a 3x3 with Sick

Before I leave the tent life…I have been short of one goal, pulling a true pound from a 3x3. Not a wet trimmed pound, but a dried/cured pound of grade A nugs. This grow will solely be focused around achieving that goal.
It will be 4 plants and it should take me around 4ish months from seed to harvest.

The tent/grow layout:
-4 plants
-3gal fabric pots
-pure Canna coco(no perlite)
-Jacks Nutrients 321 formula seed to harvest(I’m gonna show you again that there is no bloom formula needed) with Tribus(twice a week) and fulvic acid(once a week)
-6in AC Infinity exhaust fan w/ 8×36 8" terrabloom carbon filter
-Veg light is 4 QB132s(4000k)
-Flowering light is 8 photo boost strips(3500k)

Light cycles
-16/8 vegetative cycle(seedling to light flip)
-10/14 flower cycle

Seeds dropped are 2 of each
-Jacky White(Jack Herer × White Widow)
-ILGM Gelato
-ILGM Gold Leaf

Seeds just hit water…now I need to go and throw the tent up real quick.


Shoot count me in!

This alone should intrigue people that it can be done. The Tribus I think will make the difference. I’m using Mammoth, but I’ll switch to Tribus when it’s gone. It’s a little more affordable, and you get more (cultures).


Good to see you back, it is hard to turn the lights off. looking forward to watching. :v:


I only use the tribus in veg. I swap to fulvic for flower.

And thanks @Stonedrus …I broke down because I had to accommodate my 98 year old grandpa for 2 weeks after he got a wild hair to come chill with me, couldn’t say no to that haha. I wont have the irrigation setup or anything elaborate this grow…just the essentials.


Count me in :v:t2: I’m in decided wether to use blooming boosters for my girls in compost, so be very helpful for me to see how it makes a difference without, my first time I’m only in 1.5 gal pots and been using bio bizz fish mix and bio bizz bloom


Oh and they all autos

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Growing in soil inside is very inconvenient in my opinion. Especially if your trying to have freakishly great plants. If your wanting badass weed then try coco out. Alot more forgiving, and a helluva lot easier.


Yeah I have two seedlings I have started in coco and perlite m, these first three in compost are my first ever attempt and I rushed into it getting to excited and just bought all the stuff I could get at hand at the time as I just wanted to get some in the mud :joy: but they’d done a lot better then I ever would have thought, few worries and problems here and there but managed to fix them and hopefully I’ll atleast get an oz of each, I’ll be happy with that for my first attempt, but after being on this forum I’ve learnt to use coco, and bigger pots, and that’s Exactly what I’ve done for My northern lights and American pie seedlings in coco, More thought out and time to get what I needed etc, still only under a cheap Chinese eBay led 2000w but she’s not a bad light to be fair


Settin the over at 1.25 now… n no doubts you’ll break it with the goal in mind :joy::laughing: watching as usual Sick One… good luck


Lol hey I’ll take the over every time


Going to watch this with interest! @imSICKkid
I am on my first grow with 3 in a 4x4 - but I am playing in dirt :slight_smile:
I am wondering why you consider coco easier and more forgiving? I was lead to believe the opposite was true?
I totally understand how you get total control of the feeding - it has to give a better yield, but I can’t get my head around it being more forgiving. I would have the buffer of good soil was a benefit?

Really interested in your thoughts - and the grow!

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I’ll try to keep this simple. Coco is inert, which means what you give it is what it is. Coco is also unable to get overwatered(a common rookie mistake) unlike soil. If you have a ph issue with coco, you just reset the media with a quick flush.

Soil is like having a middle man in between you and the plant. Its alot slower as far as making the nutrients available to the plants. That’s a few reasons why personally I’d rather stay with coco. Not to mention dealing with larva and bug eggs in bags of soil.


Thank you! I had considered the almost instant up and down of levels - but hadn’t considered the reset by flush the fix. I’ve already made ‘the rookie mistake’ - or one of them. Also light nutrient burn. It makes sense when it is explained so clearly.
The ‘elders’ of my clones were always grown in coco by a mate of mine. So other than the odd outdoor grow, they haven’t been done in soil indoors. They are going great, took to topping and LST and really fired.
At some point I will have to try a coco grow. I will get rid of these training wheels first and soak up all the knowledge that I can.
Thanks again mate. much appreciated.


Set to watch.

Happy to see you doing another journal !!!

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Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this. A pound in a 3x3 with that turnaround… Yes please.

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Set to learn… :nerd_face:

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That’s some really helpful information bro! I got some in flower in compost and some seedlings in coco and perlite so I’ve just done the exchange lol and just that paragraph made so much sense :joy:

Ordering specific nutes for the coco also, I’m ordering some canna coco a+b do you think I will need cal mag aswell?

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If you have to buy a bottle of cal/mag then I would look into getting better nutrients. Your base nutrients should have everything you need to run a plant properly. All these bottled nutrient companies are a bunch of BS. Just to grow a plant you need 10 different bottles is absurd. In coco I would give Jack’s a try.


We’ll see what happens. Ideally I want to flip them in a month, whether or not that happens or not is solely up to the growth and phenos I get. I’m starting from seed so it’s a crap shoot.