Pulling 20OZ+ - 3x3

Hey Guys. :grin:

Today I’m putting the question out there wether anyone has pulled 20 ounces or more in a 3x3 space (1 square metre)?

If so I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Please let me know which strain, how many plants you grew in this space, which lighting, your training methods, if you supplemented co2, and if you used any bloom boosters to achieve this?

Highest Regards. :desert_island:

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Check out @imSICKkid latest grow. I think he may just get to that 20oz mark in a 3x3


Check out Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff
He does it consistently. The last time I checked the thread is 4500 posts however the first 1-2K are very detailed about his grow, and anything else you would want to know about how to grow successfully by a person with a lot of experience, knowledge and willingness to share both with everyone. If you want a blueprint, this is the source.


Welcome - and best of luck mate!

The two guys I would talk to - that actually achieve it have already been recommended!
They are THAT good. :+1: :sunglasses:


As the 2 before me mentioned @Hellraiser just pulled 30.5 of his last harvest.
Happy Growing!!

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Thanks everyone! :grin:

20oz may be pushing it but I think I’ll clear 16 for sure…well…my wife will lol she’s finishing the grow. Hellraisers a beast for sure…super good dude


I pull over 20 oz from a 3x3 on most grows and got just over 30 oz on my last harvest (my largest in a 3x3 so far).

I usually do this with 4 plants, topped once above the 4th node to get 8 branches/colas per plant with an even canopy (screens help with this) and vegged for 8-10 weeks or even a little longer, the 30 oz harvest was vegged almost 12 weeks. I veg until the plants fill up the tent in veg and get about 3 feet tall before I flower them.

I’ve done this with many strains, most recently with ILGM Gorilla Glue - a very nice producer but any decent yielding strain can get you there.

As far as lights, I’ve pulled over 20 oz using a 600 watt HPS but I’ve moved to LED lights this year and pulling even bigger yields, the recent 30 oz harvest was with a HLG 550 Rspec and a HLG 30 watt UVA and a HLG 135 Rspec used for under-lighting, all together about 700 real watts of killer LED.

I use the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur line with all supplements and the 3 bloom boosters they have in the lineup for different stages of flowering (Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, and Overdrive).

No CO2 enhancement, just lots of fresh air.

Here’s what a 30 oz grow looks like, they were about 4.5 feet tall (from top of soil) at harvest, light as high as it could go, maximizing the entire space and height of the 3x3x7 Gorilla tent.



Thanks guys! :grin: