Pull shade leaf off plant

A question from a fellow grower:

Is it good or bad to pull shade leaf off a plant?

Well, if there are enough leaves on the plant to sustain it , taking choice big leaves out will allow light to get in to where the buds will be. The plant will always send it’s energy to the exposed part of the plant.

Taking stuff out (small branches usually underneath) that the plant is not sending much to allows the plant to concentrate on the best branches.

Some varieties like Green Crack actually prefer to be lollipops. But my basic rule as an outdoor grower is to lead leaves alone unless they are infested or yellowing. They remain both the lungs and digestive system for the plant so the more the merrier unless you have an issue with light being able to penetrate the shade canopy.

Yes I agree. The more leave the more perspiration and possibly more uptake.