Pull for drying

Hello all
my grow I think is finished I had some problems getting up and down stairs so my question is can I just stop watering and let my plants dry out or is it best to pull them. It’s a indoor grow
Thanks Leo


The drying process is very important to get smooth smoke. You can either take the limbs off of the plant and hang up in your drying area or cut the plant at the base of the stalk and hang the whole plant. Do try to get a slow 9 or 10 day drying process 68 to 70 degrees would be good in Dark area. After drying you can put it in quart jars. For a good 30-day curing process. Burp jars at least once every day. Hope that helps enjoy your smoke


I will echo @kellydans advice :+1:

That being said from the sounds of it your plants are dieing and they dried out a bit, it’s best to pull them now, if you wait mould and other issues will rise.
So yeah pull them, wet trim them best you can and hang them to dry until they make a snap when you bend the shoots/branches.
Drying is 5-10 days depending, ideally 20c and 45-50% humidity in the dark.

I will add that it is best to add cheap humidtors inside the jars so you can see the humidity and know if you need to burp them or not, you want it to stabilize at 62%.
Leave in the jars for at least 2 months before you smoke to get a good cure.

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yes you could just let them stand and dry out / they will dry as good or better, might take 1-2 days longer because the medium must dry out completely first before the plant drys out

I’ve done this when I went away for vacation and it doesn’t end well thus my recommendation to chop.

You will run into issues. Proof is in the bud as some say, I’m not a fan of pudding.

My plants are not dying. It’s been all most 4 or 5 weeks now since buds I can’t get down stairs I seem only to get my wife to water that’s it she won’t get me a picture so I’m blind to what’s happening

Oh well your as much in the dark as we are then sadly =(
Sorry you can’t get down the stairs :cry:

Crazy how she will water them but not take a smart phone video or a picture of them for you…
You will have to work something out.
You have lots of time to Brian storm something crafty or think of someone you can call on to help you out.
My wifey (girlfriend) struggles a bit with helping at times to but she’s coming around, I can definitely tell when we are older she’s gonna be like “you do it or we will just buy it because I don’t want to mess around its to much hassle”