Public lab testing recommendations?

I don’t see any recent discussions about lab testing for small growers. I’m in California, a weed legal state. Have the costs come down for public testing? I saw comments that a good lab test is about $100 US. I don’t need testing for any compliance requirements, just want to know what I’ve got. It would be nice to spend $20 to find out.

I’m growing some CBD dominant strains, and cannot determine how potent they are by how stoned I get.

Maybe this is a business opportunity to open some low cost test labs.


@DoobieNoobie (been less active due to pain) n @elheffe702 found a few ‘tester’ apps n kits. Hopefully one can help ya out

That’s somenthing that I’m interesting to know too, I’m in Orange County

The home tester I was looking at has since been discontinued, and I think it might’ve only tested THC content. There are a few testers out there though. I don’t have any information off the top of my head, sorry. I just did some googling when I was looking into it, probably more available now than there was then.

@Bogleg did some testing in the Northeast and IIRC it was around $40/sample.

I used a lab in MA that charged $50 for THC tests and $50 for terpene profiles. There are a bunch them around here. If you are in a legal state I would just google for one.

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