PTSD - good video about cannabis use

I don’t have PTSD but ran across this video and wanted to share with others that may.


I don’t have the patience to watch that video but I do suffer from PTSD, Insomnia and pain beyond imagining. All compliments of the US Army where I got severally injured.

Marijuana has been a god send for sure. When my best friend got me to try some 3 different times I didn’t get a buzz.

So we decided to take a 2nd trip over seas and the last stop was Amsterdam. We walked 5 blocks to the closest Coffee Shop. I got a strain called Power Plant and this was back in Dec 2003. Oh it took me for a ride and knocked me the hell out for 3 hours.

Now we did try Shrooms at the time and went to the Van Gogh Art Museum tripping balls. An interesting experience for me. My PTSD was still unchecked at the time. Shrooms wasn’t the best idea but the way everything looked so bright and the detail was amazing.

I have had several bad flair ups with PTSD. Especially when my pain is pretty bad. It’s now under control via what I call my Happy Pill and good ole Mary Jane helps me a ton.

My Psychiatrist definitely wants me to smoke marijuana.


I have CPTSD. CBD helps me so much.

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Amsterdam was my first real experience smoking and tripping. A group of fellow soldiers and I went there upon getting back from a deployment to Bosnia. White Widow was big in 1998 along with Jack Herer. The mushroom shop is what really rocked my world. Global Dreams if I remember correctly. What a ride. We never made it to the Van Gogh museum. We were all way to messed up.


You might want to read the book: “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan. Very interesting research on PTSD and psychedelics.