Psycloner system

Does anyone have experience with the Psycloner aquaponic cloning system? The instructions are unclear - does the little pump go on the side of the tank, or the bottom? If it’s placed on the bottom, it launches a geyser of water straight up. If it’s on the side, it makes a couple little bubbles but nothing substantial. Am I doing something wrong?

You’ll want it spraying the top so it hits the cuttings. In case I’m wrong, do you have any pictures?

Here’s the whole unit:

This is with the pump sideways:

And with the pump on the bottom pointing up, note the geyser in the middle gets MUCH more powerful when water starts to evaporate.

What if you try lowering the water level? Or does it say to fill that high?

It says to fill w/ 3 gallons. If the water level is any lower, the little fountain in the middle turns into Old Faithful and soaks everything - a little bit of water evaporated over 2-3 days and I didn’t check, and it caused the flow from the pump to get so powerful it knocked a plant out of place and started gushing everywhere. Next thing I know there’s 3 gallons of water on my hardwood floor… Not a pleasant time.

Sounds like a poorly engineered system. No additional plumbing?
I guess straight up is best, but I would look into making some jets for spraying.


Yes I was thinking the same thing, I wonder if it cant be modified to work properly? Maybe there is some online videos of it in operation or some online reviews or support? I was going to buy a cloner but I just use a dome, some rooting compound and some promix. Mist plants twice daily and in around 7 days the plants are rooted, in 10 days they are ready to be fed. I saved a bunch of money I think?


I believe this is the point. When the cuttings and top tray are in place, the water is aerated and sprayed upwards to hit the cuttings.
My king cloner uses little nozzles to effectively spray, rather than a geyser.

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yea water level should be right below the sprayer i thought. i have a super sprouter cloner and thats where the water level sits right below the sprayer arms and it sprays the water on the stem itself rather then them sit in the water

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Thanks to all for the replies and advice! I’ll order one of those sprayers tomorrow, thank you @PharmerBob.


thanks for the info just ordered one

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