Hi I’m wondering if I can still remove sun leafs after lollipopping pruning the tops and I’m trying bending technique still finding to many leaves getting in the way of light



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First, you can do whatever you want, if you want to remove some fan leaves you can, the plants look healthy and wouldn’t be adversely effected by the removal of a few leaves.

Now I have a question for you, are you growing indoors or out?

Both for me if I can get them outside I will usually under lights for the last 3 to 4 hours I’m so pleased for my first time I’ve tried bending and super cropping on the one plant and it’s produced 3 new shoots on the cracked end. Yay!!!:blush:

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I just planted two seedling but I left there slinky stalk above ground should I bury it up to the leaves

I’d just stake em with a loose tie to support them till they’ll stand on their own.when indoors a small fan gently across them helps to strengthen the stem

Would it be ok to bury them Tho is that an optionthink there to slinky I might lose them

Leave the leaves! They are converting nutrients and solar energy into plant matter.

I’m not positively sure hopefully someone will chime in. We can learn that one together.

Treat cannabis like tomato plants. I always transplant mine up to the first set of leaves, the stem will grow roots from anyplace that is in contact with soil and moisture. It is why they clone so easily.
As far as pruning goes, I have done it outdoors to try to slow my plants down and keep them smaller but sunlight and outdoor light does a much better job of penetrating the canopy than indoor lighting. Sunlight reflects off everything around us and has the perfect spectrum for growing plants so even if the lower stuff seems shaded it is still getting plenty of the correct light.

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