Pruning question

I just got an email about some pruning tips and it got me to thinking. Now I know I am not ready to put my plants on the line for advanced pruning or anything, but had a basic question. This is a direct quote from the pruning tips I was sent. “One way of pruning you may want to consider is, once these new branches start sprouting leaves, removing the original shade leaves from which they grew. They will yellow and die eventually anyway. Removing these leaves also provides more sunlight to the smaller leaves closer to the base of the plant, which gets them to grow faster and produce more chlorophyll.” Ok, so I am reading this as basically cut off the largest/earliest growing leaves, that are more or less covering up the smaller leaves that have come about over the last couple of months. Is that correct? Outdoor grow in mesh 10"x10" pots hanging. Avg. temp 90F sunlight 12/12, top crop soil. Some of the larger leaves have burnt up and fallen off due to poor PH levels in water/nutrient deficiencies which has since been resolved. So I am missing some of the larger leaves anyway. Approximately 70 days into grow since planting the seeds.

Personally I prune but I do so with several rules in mind is it truly obstructing anything of value, damaged or will my pruning create a benefit to my goal eg. clear base of plant for easier watering help me limit height or produce more kolas? In real sunlight I would be far less concerned with shade but indoors pruning is very useful not for the faint of heart mind you. There is a happy balance between helpful pruning and over doing it do what you wish there is no right or wrong only what works for you :wink:

I have a couple of branches down towards the bottom of the ‘‘trunk’’ that have very small leaves, but have just shown a couple of white hairs. Does that mean that they will produce small buds on the end of the branches? Or would it be worth getting rid of them for the larger buds that will hopefully form on the top. 70 days into outdoor grow. 12/12 sunlight 90F

Lol I grow indoors so anything which doesn’t reach 12"-18" of canopy is gone after stretch out doors light is far better so less important and what may be wasted energy indoors could be nice nugs out doors if you feel it is waste of energy cut if not let it be.

Outdoor plants benefit from the same type pruning as indoor plants…lower, smaller flowers will not grow as large as the ones at the top. They will contain thc, just not as concentrated.

Growers will prune lower branches to allow more development of upper buds as in indoor grows…with the same warnings.
It will shock the plant, stress it to stop growing, be cautious.
Most pruning is best done with a plan in mind, not as a last minute solution.
When in doubt, low stress train the plant, folding fan leaves into the background, pulling branches from the back of the plant to the front for light.

So, plan ahead for your next grow, read up on pruning…it is usually done before flowering starts.

Someone will recommend cutting now, someone won’t…do you feel brave?

Get a consensus, wait for more opinions…

Thanks I appreciate it. When I’m back in town I will take another assessment to prune lower branches. Will also put up some pics for further advice.