Pruning outdoors

Those roots for those 12fters have to be massive in a 300 gal soil bin. No wonder they are 12 ft now. Room to spread out.

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Yeah for sure, root mat has a lot to do with plant size. Also getting a good head start helps.

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I got worried last night at about sunset I went to take a look the the girls and the biggest ones leaves were all drooping, I watered them thinking that what the problem was, Id seen it and did the same, this morning they were fine, apparently the plants go to sleep at night and start drooping, I will check tonight.

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@bda_phil I thought the same thing last night. I watered after a 100 degree day and probably didn’t need to. We are like parents :joy:

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Mine droop everynight,. At first light in the am, all tips are reaching for the sky

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After 100 degree days I would be watering too! Mine are in cloth pots and last year when the temps were high and the humidity was dense I was watering in the morning and afternoon everyday for a while

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Plus they are seedlings so it’s like they probably need the water but when is it to much. The one seedlings was burning yesterday.

Big difference then! When my weather was like that, my plants were all grown up and probably filling out most, if not all, of their 10gal cloth pots. I also had the pots lifted a bit off the ground so they dried out quite quickly. With seedlings I’d be worried as well about over watering and at the same time worried about them burning up. Hope you can find that happy medium!

Plants are doing well just starting to flower.
Question should i be trimming the shade leaves off, as there are a ,lot of buds growing.
Happy growing
![IMG_1914 (2)|375x500](upload://y6HXQohLjhtxUR54fwufYJzX

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Update flowering, should I start to use Bloom Fertilizer?


Has she started flowering yet?

Yes, just started, congrats! A light feeding of flower nutes would be ok

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whats going on with these girls?

Without knowing much I’d guess pH issue, what medium you using? flush with pH’d water and see if it helps

water PH about 6,3
soil is potting mix with black cow manure
gets good water flow.
Most get 20-20-20 grow fertilizer, the bushy one gets 10-30-20. bloom fertilizer, shes flowering nicely and has been for 3 weeks now,
Its my first grow, so the yellow leaves I read was a nitrogen deficiency?
I gave them a coupe of days just water but have now started fertilizing again,

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With those inputs it doesn’t sound like they’d be lacking N ? Consider phasing out the N soon tho with flowering underway!

And some of the discoloration closer to the veins makes me think its more nutrient lock-out

Good luck @bda_phil keep us posted :call_me_hand:

Pruning outdoors…well I believe I’ve found the correct topic!
Calling (again) on some who have helped in the past: @Myfriendis410 @Spiney_norman @GenghisRon @Budz @fast-grow @Dankloud @Randy_Marsh - invite others as you see fit.
So these gals have been featured (by me of course) in a number of other topics:

These Blueberry Photo-Fem’s, that I never expected would survive “seed pop”, have sprouted, mis-potted, got lanky, repotted 3x and on and on…So after all the Newbie stuff - they went from 2’x2’ tent, being crowded with (2) WWA’s and (2)NLA’s, to the 2’x4’ tent, for a couple of weeks, and then OUTSIDE. As I said before (other posts), I didn’t expect these to “grow”, I potted these as “sproutlings” into a couple of pots (now in 5Gal bags).
The current arrangement: (2) BBP’s are in one 5Gal bag, (3) BBP’s are in one 5Gal bag, and BBP#1 (the runt of the brood) is in her own 5Gal bag (she looks NICE, but small - last pic). Without a doubt those 2x and 3x the bags are competing for light, space and probably Nutes too.

  1. Try to separate the 2x and 3x/bag into separate 5Gal bags?
  2. Trans-pot these into (2) 10Gal bags and PRUNE the larger one(s) in each bag?
  3. Uh…I had another question, but I vaped a bit while typing this. Oh well…

Whoops…I FIM’d-up with the links to a few of my other postings.

I’m on my first real outdoor grow and wasn’t sure about pruning. I ended up giving it a try on my gorilla glue auto that was really thick/bushy. I removed a lot of the growth underneath the plant and a bunch of fan leaves. A few day later I got a few pollen sacs (removed them and haven’t had any more since). Can’t say if it was caused by the pruning or the temperature fluctuations we were having or both. A few weeks later the plant grew back as thick and bushy as ever. Next time I’m just going to leave it. All that energy the plant took to recover from pruning and regrow all the vegetation could have been spent on flowing.

After pruning:

A few weeks later:

Understood @Naturalmedsman .
These should have time to recover from almost anything I do. But at the same time - well I don’t want to waste my time and their health.