Pruning/lollipoping befor flowering

How long should i wait to flip to 12-12 after cleaning up bottom of plant?

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I lollipop my girls usually by the time I flip I mostly have them cleaned up. Never really thought about a time period to wait. Generally I’ll flip based on height. Instead of taking everything at one pruning I’ll slowly during veg take a little at a time.


I could be ready to flower going by height in a week or so. i havnt started any cleaning yet. i would like to get some clones also. i could be ready to flower in a week or 2 at the most. what do you recommend i do about getting the lower stuff outa there?

I believe your doing autos, right. I’ve only did autos once and I’m only on 3rd grow. As far as training and pruning my understanding is you don’t want to stress autos to late in life cycle. With photos you can control when they go to Flower. So if you are going to do a lot of pruning you should go ahead and do it as soon as possible.

no their not autos they are photo

Yeah, then do whatever you need to and then flip if you’re ready. Once you get everything removed that you want then just maintain after.

Do you have a recomendation on how long i should wait after pruning and before flowering?

oh i forgot somthing. they dont quite need a watering or feeding today but i did want to do the i need to feed with nutes right after,do i need to water right after or is it ok if i prune tonite and water tommorow or day after? trying to give them fresh water with no nutes this watering?

Basically if you think they need water go ahead and water. Then give them a day. The thing you’ll find is these are resilient plants. As long as you don’t stress them to much to often they’ll bounce back faster than you might expect. If you have the time try to go to different people’s journals if you’re not already doing it. You can learn a lot just following along. Go to search and type journals you’ll find a treasure trove of info. Also you should consider starting a journal. It’s a great way of getting answers to questions and everything will be in one place. People can follow along and give advice even before you know you need it. :+1:


I will definately read some journals. To be honest to this point ive just been searching forum. Will try my hand at writing one also. I greatly appreciate all of your assistance.

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