Pruning is it beneficial


Hey everyone I’m about to head into my flower stage and was wondering if I should be pruning the fan leaves out for more light to the middle or does it do more damage then good ? If
So how much is to much this will be my first flower thanks in advance


I would go with another training technique first like tie down, super crop, scrog before I start pruning. She looks good!


Thank you I have it topped multiple times with over 10 main colas and they are all tied down to the edge of the pots lol they grew out of control I’m going to net then for flower just wanted to make sure
I didn’t need to prune out the big fans for room for bud and light


That’s just one of the girls I have three almost identical in the tent


Do you have a side view picture of one and what size is your tent ? You might try trimming some of the lower leaves after they go under the net . I would only trim fan leaves if they were light blocking newer bud sites below them . The big fan leaves are absorbing lots of light for good growth so I wouldn’t cut very many unless I had to .



Those are the 3 diff babies almost side view it’s the only pics I got right now


You have some lovely ladies there. If you have the room in your grow space I would recommend an even more aggressive training using the “Supercrop” method: this will really open them up and allow most of the nodes to develop side branches.

Removing leaves should not be done unless the health of the plant is at risk. There are times when you need more air flow to prevent bud rot etc and some removal of leaves is warranted then. Otherwise remember that they are your sugar factory; needed to bulk up your flowers.

All in all you are doing really well; they look happy and healthy.


Looks like a 2x4 tent . Yes I would trim a few of the lower leaves to allow better air flow , just don’t over do it . They look good !


Here is a great article I read a few weeks ago that helped me learn some techniques for defoliation and training plants. Have really helped my plants explode with growth!

Hope this helps!


Airflow (budrot) issues vs Hermie Risk

That is a great article @Skydiver and thats good for me to because I forget half the stuff I read . Thanks for posting .


I usually trim anything that comes in contact with the grow media, and 3"-4" above that.
Unless it’s a scrog, then I slowly trim everything under the canopy


Awesome thanks guys this all helps a lot


I’m outta likes but that is very good info friend :+1::call_me_hand::v::sunglasses:


I forget what i read to. Could be that i’m blitzed everytime i’m on this here. But if i read the same post over and over it finally sinks in.


Good read