Pruning in flowering stage

Hey guys just flipped the light schedule to 12/12 on june 20th at what point should i stop pruning leaves to keep bud sites clear

Tuck them if you can. It’s ok to take one or two here and there, but try not to go crazy. That’s what 3wk defol is for.


Howdy there @Borderryan22 can you point me in the right direction please. I will be using coco coir and i am looking for some advice. Can you point me in the right direction. Kindly appreciated!!

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My experience…

Canna Coco expandable bricks
Jack’s 321 ph’ed to 5.8-6.0

Mix a half gallon of full strength Jack’s, and use it to expand the coco. Fill a solo cup, put seed in 1/4-1/2" deep. Cover. Spritz a clear cup with distilled water, place over and wait.

After a few days, start feeding a couple/few ml’s every other/few days of full strength Jack’s. A couple weeks later, fill your vessel the same way you filled the cup. From there, you’ll feed to runoff every couple of days, and not long after, it’ll be feeding every.

Coco has to stay moist. It’s also treated like a hydroponic medium, so pH has to be between 5.8-6.0. Jack’s is very gently and easy to use, and it can also be adjusted easily should any issues arise.

Again, just my experience. I love the way the plants produce with it, I just don’t have the time to grow in coco at the moment. Hope this helps!

I dont want to grow in reg soil ever again. I am having draining problems! Like an idiot i didn’t do what was necessary to the coco and planted my seedling. Someone said i need not do anything at all to it so i ran with it!!. Live and learn! I just need a clearer picture if you dont mind on the buffering or washing of the product. I tried a big amount in my kitchen sink but it was a huge mess so i was only able to run water thru it only once. How many times is enough? And how do you personally wash your coco. I know about the nutrients and ph part .but the washing is a total pain in the you know what!! :rofl: and i didnt want to purchase a big container and punch tiny holes in the bottom. But if thats what is needed then i’ll do it. Im done with reg soil! Thank you sir for your time and advice. Highly appreciated!

The canna coco is straight coco. No nutes, no perlite, no soil mix, just ground up Coco coir. I expanded it with full strength Jack’s, and only went one grow with it, so it didn’t get reused.

Canna is really good product !! Wish i knew this before. I may just chuck this coco bliss and get the canna. Live and learn!! Thanks!

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I have a question for you @Borderryan22 . Has anyone you know ever have a drainage problem and successfully did something about it at this stage of grow cycle. Im almost 2 months in. I would try anything at this point. Especially with one plant in particular. I rarher loose her by trying to fix her than to let her roots rot! I have amendments for the soil like perlite and coco coir if necessary. She is currently in happy frog. I think the worm castings didnt help the soil and added to the drainage issue

Do you have any pictures?

I dont know who you want pics from thc73 or me

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She’s in the dark right now but for sure will take some pics soon. She definitely looks overwatered her leaves are curled in and droopy. She was due for nutrients and she was almost to the point of dry because i could tell by the weight of the pot. But the problem is that i am watering till run off and what is happening is that they are taking close to a gallon of water each and i am certain that is a drainage problem and not that they need that much. It takes more than 5 minutes for water to drain out the bottom. Most of my mature plants can take about a gallon with no issues but 2 of my girls arent liking the excess water and it shows. I just read somewhere to gently poke the bags with holes bottom and side. And that should help, hopefully.
Transfering them is probably going to be to much shock for them and its a gorilla glue strain that may herm if continues to be stressed and then that will really screw things up. Im almost at the finish line!

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Yeah its probably you! I jumped the gun and thought it was me. Lol :rofl: my bad!

@THC73 , You might try starting your own thread, not posting a question on someone else’s. You’ll get more responses that way, and people can keep it sorted out better.

My apologies!!

The name of this thread is “Pruning in flowering stage”. Let us know what the name of yours is so we can skip on over to offer assistance, OK?

Thanks buddy i appreciate you! When I create one i will !

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The apology was for you @Jeepguy didn’t mean to cross over into your thread. Still pretty new here myself. Happy Growin!!

Yo @Jeepguy , I prune most of the lower larfy growth like “lollipoping” but less than complete stripping. I like to take most of the big fan leaves from the inner areas that block light and let the outer ones stay as long as I can. I’ll tuck as many as I can down and away from blocking light to buds. This lower larfy growth that gets little to no light, taxes the plant and reduces available nutrients and yield. As @Borderryan22 said I like to tuck but I’ll prune a few at a time so as not to slow the plants growth. The flowering stretch does end after a few weeks of flower and then you have a completely different plant to deal with, that just wants to produce buds. Remember those “solar panel fan leaves don’t collect solar energy when they’re stacked on each other.

My apologies as well Jeepguy!

3 weeks after flower you get in there and take all the big fans, selectively some of the mediums. The name of the game is airflow

Here is is almost one week since the flip to 12/12 light schedule