Pruning in flower?

I’m 65 days into my first grow, week 3 of flower (yes very long veg!), and the buds are developing nicely:

My pruning approach in veg was to remove a handful of nodes/fan leaves from under the canopy every day or so. I’m wondering what the correct pruning technique is in flower? So far I’ve supercropped the stretchy colas, but I’m concerned about bud rot with the density of the new growth, would removing fan (sugar?) leaves be a good idea? Outside humidity is 85% :roll_eyes:. At what point should I start keeping the trimmings for edibles?


There’s lots of light and air through there, looks good from the side view. See right through it. I wouldnt remove any more now. Nice grow setup too!
I’d keep trimmings when they leave sticky on your fingers. When the stuff will be all over the buds and leaves. My guess is much later.


If youre in the 80s like the temp says then your target VPD would be between 70% and 80% humidity. Good airflow and youre good! Nice grow.


A lot of people, me included, do a defoliation session on days 21 and 42 of flower. The way your girls are lollipopped you probably won’t have to do much, if any, defoliation going forward. If any leaves are blocking light or airflow and can’t be tucked then remove em. Otherwise take another look in three weeks and see if any leaves need to go. Ladies are looking good btw.


The humidity inside the grow space is what needs to be managed. Temps and humidity are interrelated. You want lower humidity during flower

I usually veg for 56 - 70 days (8 - 10 weeks) but I also do a lot of training / manifold


Thank you all for your input, I seem to be at a VPD of 1.2 at the moment (temps range from 72 - 82, RH from 55-70%). I’ve added a fan under the canopy for circulation

@beardless That chart is a great resource, thanks!


Update on my flower tent, I have two 3 gals still to flip :grimacing:

All 3 of these are grown from ILGM white window (fem) seeds. They are looking wildly different!


Any roots coming through the soil bag?

Yeah, one or two roots through the 3ga, already in week 2 of flower. I had a bunch of tap roots under the 10 gal, but a dry spell killed them off

basically this but more

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I had very different/same plants once and treated them the same except the one I had in a tall narrow pot of heavier soil yellowd more and grew wider and shorter, which effect of the tall narrow pot I don’t know, interesting though.
Pretty cool the roots coming through like that