Pruning hydro clone

So this is my first hydro plant, found a good nutrient combination and I’m seeing explosive growth, both above and below.

The roots have grown 4 times in size and I’m just trying to figure out if I need to be pruning this pretty lady now or just wait until I’m switching the lights to flower?

Any advice appreciated.

(Let me know if I need to try to get some pictures of the roots or more info)

Vivosun 2x4 tent
2 vivosun vs1000 1000 watt led full spectrum lights set on 18x6
4 inch ac infinity in line fan
2 6 inch fans

Cali pro grow A+B

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Why would you want to prune it? Looks fine although leaning.


@Myfriendis410 thats what I thought, and thank you!

I’m mainly worrying about smaller underneath leaves sapping energy.

And as far as the leaning that was from some LST. It’s getting ready to start growing back up again for flowering. I’m just waiting on a soil plant I topped next to it to be ready.

I hope I did it right?

Here’s a photo of when I first got it lol

Wow what a difference