Pruning first grow

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Photos taken at dusk
First time grower
Oregon seed strain 70% Sativa
Outdoor grow
Neem oil used for unwanted creatures
Trimmed one of two
Looking for any advice Or critiques


Well, you don’t want to do anything to it now that it’s in flower and Neem oil on buds will make your cannabis taste like Neem oil: not good.

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closeup - I have stopped the neem oil, I think it turned pistils brown
how about Azamax
Still weeks away from harvest

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Neem is good in vegetative stage, building up a sort of barrier against pests on leaves. Every five days or so, spray, only in vegging. Now just vigilance. Watch for moths and eggs. Little larvae grow into bud eating caterpillars, those bastiges will destroy whole kolas. My neem treatment has abated a lot of bugs, not all, but it does protect. Now, in flowering, image spray nothing on plants.

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Your lady is looking good. Last years grow I trimmed up my plant during flower. I still had a good yield but it would have been bigger had I left it alone. I haven’t found the need to treat my plants with anything. My rule of thumb is not to stress if you see signs of bugs. That’s normal and I think the plants like it a little. If I see signs of serious damage to the plant or infestation then that would be a different story. I try to keep my outdoor plants pesticide free. I check my plants every day and check them thoroughly a couple of times a week. Catching the bugs before they get out of control is important.

These are both pesticide free and doing great. No need to treat if you don’t have to.


So looks good not really sure why the tips of the leaves got cut? Usually only cut the tips when your clipping clones. I use neem as well if used in veg it usually makes it good through flower, most of the time. So i prune mine up alot and get big buds all down branches just the way i do it, everyone grows different, do what works for you i always say. Happy growing heres my pruned girl


I cut the tips on some to help with making it less recognizable at a distance. Noisy neighbors and such. Not sure it really helps but read on some forums it might.

Also have 2 plants but am treating somewhat different. Less defoliation on second one. Both are same type.

THANKS for all the replies. It is really appreciated.

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I see lol happy growing. Oh and what Oregon strain? We have a few different ones :wink:

Picked this up at Chalis Farms

Coal Trained by GI grow
Sour Dog Biofuel x with Mendo Express

Not really sure about all of this but it was only Sativa dominate strain when I was looking.

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Don’t prune anymore. Let her finish. :+1: