Pruning during flower

Can I cut bottom branches that are 12 to 13 inches long during flower

What do you think @bob31

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If I see good I think you may cut a few branches, you can make clones whit what you are pruning(you need to reverse them to the veg stage an you can do this by putting them under 18/6 light schedule) .
But why do you want to cut her?

@Fishead yes you can cut it, but try and make a monster crop clone out of it. It’ll be the craziest looking plant you’ve seen! Welcome to the ILGM community. Happy growing!

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Thanks guys.
I let her wake up for a little bit first and then get on it. And when I’m done I’ll give her a Mainline of CO2 to make her feel better…
And of the branches they’re getting turned into monsters👹

Sounds like a plan to me! I’m not s big proponent of just cutting off leaves for no reason, but monster cropping is a good reason! Those will be awesome!