Pruning, bending a crop for beginners

I’m a new grower. I have a 25" Super Skunk and a 12" Super Skunk and a
12" AK47. The first 2 seeds (AK47 & SS) didn’t grow a tap root in
the water. I initially started with 3 seeds. That’s why one is so much
larger. I have a tent with 250W metal halide conversion lamp, 6000k HPS system grow light. I watering once a
day. I just transplanted the two short ones. All is healthy. Tallest is
45 days old and short ones are 2 weeks younger. Grow tent is 24" deep
3’ wide and 5’3" tall. Filtered water with nutrients used. Fan on plants.
Temp. Is stable 75 degrees in tent. Pistols are just beginning to form. Core stalk seems huge and now leaf stalks are getting large as well.
Light is on 22 hrs/day. Don’t know how to prune or where on plant to prune correctly. I have
another 18 inches before tall one reaches light. Light is all the way
up. Tall one SS- core stem, leaf stems are about 3" apart. I think it’s
growing too fast. Three plants are really taking over the grow tent. Can it be too crowded? Pruning tips to make plant more dense and how do you know when to force plant to flower?

hey Rascal.
you should start with this. this will explain the basics, for example when to begin flowering and such.

it sounds like you may want to “top” your plants. to prevent them getting too tall.
for that, you should read this:

in general…pruning is widely debated. lots of pros say dont prune much at all,…other pros say prune like crazy.
its probably best for people just starting out…to go with the former. pruning too much can cause stress and undesirable results. while the biggest risk involved with not pruning too much is minimal. at worst some lower leaves might not get light.
but read those links,…and look around forum here,…the issue of “prune or not” has been covered extensively.

Pruning is kinda a learned skill that is best used after you better understand how your plant naturally grows and what will produce usable buds. I am unfamiliar with whether you know how to clone or have space for a clone personally I would top my largest to same height as the rest and flip the lights 12/12 use the 13" top as a clone. A major factor you need to consider is your grow space your plants will stretch almost double or even more through flower this is why I would flip 12/12. The space you have is fine for 3 small plants but will be tight by end and some pruning will be potentially needed you can do some Lst right before you trip lights to fill out space. As your stretch is reaching it’s second week you can prune at this point use 3 rules will the branch reach enough light to make good bud? are there any dead or clearly damaged leaves start at the bottom and work towards top? are there leaves getting too little light? When pruning you want to trim what will not contribute to good buds but keep in mind fan leaves are solar panels they aide in the plants growth so cutting too many will hinder not help.

This link should help you out