Pruning and Topping

how much pruning should I do at this point? They are almost 2 feet tall. Do I want them to be bushier?

Biggest questions are auto or photo? And how far along are they? If auto, then NO! If photo and 1 week from flowering, then probably no (more experienced growers can advise better on that). IMHO, bushier is always better. It looks pretty spaced out, so all the leaves have access to sunlight, so maybe you’d be better off just letting her flower wherever she will?

I would definitely top this plant if it was mine. Why not double your colas? That’s what topping does. Adds more colas and keeps her from getting too tall and top heavy. Plus, when you top you actually give your side branches time to catch up and try to grow up to the canopy of the top cola.


They are feminized White Widow and Blueberry, not auto flowering plants. I planted the seeds about 1 1/2 months ago. I think they won’t flower until August but I’m not sure.

I like the idea of topping. Should I just pinch off the top?


Follow ktreez420’s recommendation, he’s walked me through more than a couple questions with success. Here’s a pic I downloaded when I was looking into topping vs FIM. As the pic shows, you cut BELOW the top shoot to top, which produces 2 new colas. The FIM is a little trickier, you “pinch” (only pinch, do not cut, to minimize stress, or just go ahead and cut if you’re not on a tight grow schedule and can spare a few more days for recovery) the top 80% ONLY of the top shoot, and it may grow a little mangled, but you should get 2 to 4 new colas. I’ve never done either, but am hoping to try FIM here in a week or two.


I have never used the FIM method, but I top all my girls multiple times!
Topping is super simple, and it creates 2 colas from where you top, instead of just one. So if you top 4 different colas, you’ll end up with 8!
So, to top a plant you simply pinch off/cut the newest growth from a branch/chute/cola. In the picture @kushpa posted (nice pic by the way), it shows you exactly where to cut. Once your girl heals she will grow two new chutes for you. I top my girls because of the fact that it helps keep them small, but I love that it gives her more places for buds to form. Any other questions @NoraFL?



I was told that topping two times was pretty much the max. You do it 4? You have good success with that or have you lost plants going that far?

Topping them now will give the side branches a good chance to bush out. If the main stems have not hardened yet you can also do what is called “super cropping” (I think). You gently squeeze the stem until you hear a slight crackle. After that, support the spot for about a week and the stem will grow a knuckle and bigger stalk. As the branches grow out you can do this to each main branch for bigger yields. With them you can gently bend the branch out and tie it till it gets its knuckle and increase the width of the plant. The Green Man video is really cool and shows how to use tomato basket like cages to really make them grow out and up for more yields.

Yeah sometimes I just pinch it off ! I’m the world’s worst topper, always missing some or what-have-you but found using a sterile pair of nail clippers really helped ! !:thumbsup: -good luck

Lol @tacomac I top my girls up to 12 times. In my DWC setup they grow tall pretty fast, so I have to top multiple branches. Then top those new growth chutes eventually as well. I’ve never heard of a “limit” to the amount of times you can top a plant.

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i would say it depends on a few variables , how much room will they have in bloom to grow . are these to be done all outdoors ?? how much lite they get … with a lot of light they can get more nute uptake and in turn give you a fair amount of side branching … i haven’t grown white widow , but have grown blue berry . and the BBerry is a large plant if let mature like a xmas tree… if i were out doors id fim it once just to slow the top down and let the lower catch up to make load heavyer … at present my rainbow bud “for instance” has not been topped or fimmed only trimmed underneath …but most of the branches 3-4-5 down from the top are as tall as the cola …and i cant even tell from the door way which is the cola …heres a pict …the one italking about is top left .all those tops in that one group are from one plant …

the second photo was taken 6-2-16 and i put them into bud on the 6-5-16… the plant in the fist pict is at 7 ft tall It grew this tall in approx. 20 Days


Is there a period or limit on how many you can do at once? That is, if you had 4 areas that could be topped, could you top all 4 at once, or would it be better to do only one or two, let the plant recover, then do the other 2?

Maybe I’m simply misunderstood the instructions. (I’m old and salty, so that’s highly likely.)

I literally did just that! I went into my veg tent where I have a SCROG going on. Some branches are already too thick and won’t tuck anymore, so the easiest solution, I just top them. I topped 6 places in one pruning. But again, in DWC my girls heal faster than soil and therefor it allows me to do these toppings easily. But honestly I’ll do it in soil too, it would just longer to heal and begin the new growth.


I have topped mine at least ten times and its one big bush now works wonders

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I’m only going to have a 175 watt MH light to work with, so I don’t want to get it too big or I’ll never have enough light for it. I’m thinking I’ll do 4 and call it a day. I don’t really think 175 watts is enough to go any further on one plant.

Well topping works great. I topped this heavily and super cropped it cause
it trying to grow taller than the fence. She is still very happy.

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Again, that does me absolutely no good indoors under a 175 watt light. But thanks anyway.

it’s been recommended on this site…50 watts per square foot…at 175 watts, I think you can do approx 2 foot x 2 foot grow with the light?

how many times have you topped your plant already? how many stems have you got growing? the watts you have limits the toppings