Prune or not prune?


Hi every body, i have 4 autoflower. I dont now if i can prune it or not. The bottom leaf are creating shadows. What you think?

they are flowering my question is, can i prune the bottom leaf?


Yes. You should do now.


The advice I was given… If it’s not going to make it to the top of the canopy lollipop it or remove it. I haven’t grown in years until recently so I’m not there yet. It’s just advice I was told and is for your information to consider as I’m not an expert. Just sharing what I was told.



Please keep your questions to one tread.
I just gave you your answer to this same question in:

And @Soilgrowth ( No he should not. ) Follow the link I tell why.



Thanks papa


Its funny how only one person can have the right answers. When it any plant strain or jean anything is possible dont get narrow minded. Ive seen autoflower plants yeild a lb or more. Dont let one mans experience hold you back.


So don’t pay any attention to the advice I was given. @garrigan62 know what he’s talking about.


No problem son…lol




I’m not being narrow minded. Any master grower will tell you not to.
Auto’s are ment to grow fast and poduce fast. But Flemming and topping and or chopping fan leaves only prolongs this if not turning it into a Hermie.
Why take the risk and besides, there in flower which defendantly is a big no.



In the pictures doesn’t show any major flowering. I honestly think he would be ok. With out risk no reward.



You could be very well wright. And I agree no risk no reward. It just boils down to weather he want’s to or not.
And thank you for your input. Always good to have a civil conversation.



So then do a experiment whack two leave two alone and see what is up . Personally though I dont have the experience or the nerve to go against what the guy’s who have a proven track record that gets them chosen as a grow mentor. It is a earned position by giving the correct advice for problems and growing questions .


An easy rule of thumb… If they have an ILGM logo, they’re probably right :smiley:


Thank You for the kind words, both of you. @Oldstoner and @Matthew420 but we are all human and we do make your mistakes along this long twisting road.



If i post a picture of my plant will someone help this first time grower with advice on pruning