Proud Papa of some WW girls

I’m probably like many here played around with growing but never got serious until now. They will be 4 weeks in the dirt on Sunday. I noticed on Thursday this week white hairs growing on 4 of the 6 so far, so excited !


Sweet! Nice job man
Keep it green

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@zach very nice. Welcome to ILGM and I’d say you are off to a great start! What type are they? The one I could see well has some indica dominant leaves. Looking good!

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hey @zach welcome to the loud house!! you have a super looking start! ph,ph,ph,ph,ph…lol don’t forget it

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Welcome to ILGM
You are going to meet some of the most awesome grower’s including woman growers yup I said woman growers and there as good if not better than most. uestions please feel free to ask
any way your grow look very good
I you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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The girls are White Widow autos from our host. Very happy with the results.

Bwahaha your hooked we got ya . The WW fem were my first grow and I was just testing the water kind of like you . Now on my second grow with a variety of strains to choose from for the next . I honestly think that the growing of and caring for your plants is the addictive part for me . But the quality of the bud you picked to grow is very nice you made a good choice good luck and welcome .


@zach, If I’ve learned anything off this forum is the pH! @Oldstoner is right, once you get a grow under belt, you are Ours! This will be all that you want to do. What a world! :slight_smile:

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looking good.i have two WW girls about same age.what’s your setup?

I do have a question, in the Grow Bible Robert remarks to spray the leave with water once in awhile. This was mentioned when referring to seedlings. This is something that I have done all during the grow so far. Anyone else do this ?

Welcome to the pond :+1:
Looking good @zach

Yes, I do a couple times a week. I’ll be stopping soon on my flowers though, I’m at day 58 @12/12.

I would be careful with misting once you have bud growth. I believe he mentioned the possibility of bud rot being a concern at that point.

I mist until the buds start forming…