Proud new poppa meet Ehrycka


Beautiful final colors.


O and i just ordered myself a 30 dollar Glass Bong from Amazon lol. It has a shower head and a ice catch I have never gotten a bong online before i get my cheap glass from my local gas station. This new bong will be in my grow space that i am starting to make today. It will be my winter project is to make a nice clean grow space.


Well done. Thanks for the thanks but u did the work. Now enjoy the fruits of ur labor (after drying curing and another test of patience)


Sooo yeah i have bad news. While the plants looked good on camera she turn out to be alot smaller in person. I ended up with alot of light airy buds. More sugar leaf then anything. So i might make a bunch of edibles or just run it all as a concentrate. Hardly any actual buds so could be two things imo 1 not enough light (not enough defoliation.) Or 2 i didn’t let her go long enough since this was my first grow in a very long time i was going off what the manufacturer’s suggested. Or and this is just a random thought of a 3rd option that back when i had my light issue it effected her. After this jack herer finishes up 3 more weeks on her i plan on re running the northern lights strain in a dwc. She is in jars now i might of got 1 oz of actual smoke and 2 oz of trim o well i learned alot from this grow and will continue to work on my new found gardening enjoyment.


Usually when stuff like that happens it’s a little bit of everything. I scrolled back up through pics, you could’ve been a little more aggressive defoliating for sure. I don’t remember what you have for light or how big your tent is, but I can a lot of shadowing too, so you probably could do better there as well.

What stands out probably more than either, you have large plant further behind small plant from looks of it. When that happens you almost always end up frying one plant or losing out on intensity on the other. Try avoiding that situation in the future. You can plan grows differently, or do something as simple placing smaller plant on top of something to raise it up. Either way, just keep after it and your harvests will improve with every grow.


Hey dont fret man. A successful harvest is a Success period. You also have the big fella coming along. Tweak a couple things. And fix a few missteps and nexttime you’ll improve. Lesson learnd. And now you know to let Gentleman Jack get PHAT


Well Live and Learn. @dbrn32 Question about Cross over lighting. I have a qb100 and a 75w Blurple The question is if i add another qb100 or a 135 do you dbl the ppfd I think the qb100 has 350 ppfd at 24 in, If i have 2 qb100 will the light measurement go up? Like 350 + 350 = 700 HLG said this is true. So i am on winter lay off and cant afford new equipment until spring. Here is a updated growth picture of Jackie. Remember she took 4 weeks to transition into flower so she is at week 6 in these photos. She has 3 weeks of flower left and flush so 4 total. She will give me a decent yield i hope the buds look alot better then Ehrycka did.

This is a picture of a wild turkey that tried to eat me at a job i was doing. LOL


If you double the amount of light and space stays the same, you would absolutely double your light density.

Any time you have a light that will give you a total ppf, use that in figureing your ppfd average. Do hlg gives you this.

Are you still in 32”x32” tent? Here’s what that would look like for hlg-100. We’ll call it 7 square feet whic is .65 square meters. Total flux of light is 210 umols per second. 210/.65=323. The 323 is going to be your ppfd average for the space. Two of those in the same space looks like this 420/.65=646.

Hopefully that helps.


Yes it totally helps. And is having 646 ppfd good for normal Co2 in the room? I have read that the more light you have you need to add co2 for the plants to respond. Is 646 a good ppfd range to be in for optimum photosynthesis I am looking for the best bang for my buck @dbrn32 Thanks for all the help Light Master LOL


You really wouldn’t consider co2 until you exceed a ppfd of 800 umols/s/m2 considerably. 600-800 is about ideal on ambient co2.


Crap man… that actually made sense. U my friend… u know, ur the cats ass


Every once in a while I’m good for something that makes sense lol.