Proud new poppa meet Ehrycka


It takes 48 hrs before a plant becomes confused by the darkness, triggering the hormones to flip. Been there before just a warning form experience.


@Budbrother so put her in for 48 hours? I have a really dark closet that i am going to use for this attempt. Ehrycka is doing amazing now she is one happy plant lol. I went and got that 90w purple light as supplemental lighting so now i have the 100w qb directly over Ehrycka and the purple light over the Jack Herer Each has there own light so Ehrycka is happier I counted the tops i got from all the training and it looks like i am going to get like 15 top colas. I am very surprised how much more water she drinks in flower. I fed her a gallon of feed water on sunday and she took another gallon of plain water today.


Yes after 48 hrs then 12/12. You’ll start seeing her drinking a lot more. I’ve had times when mine drank a gal/day per plant in early to mid flowering.


I am moving from the Gen Hydro nutrients and i am moving to the two part bloom nutrients from Current Culture I already use their UC Roots in my system to prevent root rot and it works well. So we will see if this gives her the push she needs to move into flower.


Here she is in early bloom week 3


Will being in flower change the ph of your soil? I am asking because during veg i ph my water to 6.0 and it the run off was 6.5 but this week i made a big mistake and totally forgot to ph my water so it was probably around 7.0 but the run off was at 6.0 Is this normal?


That means your soil pH was low. Sometime it gets down too far, and instead of doing a flush, you water with a higher pH to equalize it again. You gotta check the runoff every time you feed/water to be able to make these adjustments.


You guys are not going to believe this. So as everyone knows the jack herer has been nothing but trouble she just did not want to flip into flower. Michigan voted to legalize cannabis last night and sure as shit (sorry for the cussing) i check on my ladies this morning, The jack herer has really been stretching this week and wouldnt you know it she has popped her first pistils out i am all excited. yay!!!


Its literally been 4 weeks of 12x12 i know 2 of those i had that light issue so 8 weeks on her and like 5-6 on the other and i just ordered 5 super skunk seeds for the next run. The plan is 1 super skunk and the other will be what ever bonus seed i get from the seedbank.


Here is Full View Of Ehrycka (Edit: this is the wrong picture this is weeks ago i dont know why i picked it)

This is Jackie

See the Pistil on the lower node Took forever but she is going now.


She is a grown lady now… They are gorgeous


:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Round of applause indeed. Now u cant toss her :joy::joy::joy:

Congrats tho on the lady and the legality


Thank you guys. The one major thing i like about Michigan going full legal is the Rec Tax off Sets the Medical tax from what i read. We have a 3% exsise and 6% sales. In Jan when it goes Rec they will pay 10% exsise tax and 6% sales and in turn they are going to remove the 3% exsise from medical patients. So its beneficial that i keep my medical card


here she is at the start of week 4 of flower.
Nutrients are as followed.
4ml Micro
1 ml gro
6 ml Bloom
5 ml Cal mag
2.5 ml Diamond Nectar (Humic Acid)
1 ml of both Rapid Start and Floralicious plus
3 Drop of Dechlorinator
Ph 6.3 in 6.5 out
I cant find my PPM meter


Wow, they’re bushy, they look beautiful!


why are you gals all ways talkin bout bush lol


Cause we have big bushes!


Will heat make pistils turn the orange color? I am asking because one of my tops got a little close to the light (i raised it a few more inches) but it seems that the whole top got orange pistils? I am asking because none of the other tops are as orange as this one.

I know they do it naturally but asking to see if heat will also do it.


It probably dried out prematurely being too close to the light. After a few waterings hopefully she’ll plumpen back up


Is “plumpin” an actual word :rofl::rofl: I’m using it from here on.