Proud new poppa meet Ehrycka


DWC is a 24/7 All You Can Eat Buffet! :fork_and_knife::bellhop_bell:


Well my grow tent sensor came in the mail today i am at 73 Degrees and 51% humidity is that the range i want to be in?


In veg? Absolutely


what about flower?


Ok to be more specific veg prefers humidity a bit higher. 50-70% is lovely. Higher wouldnt hurt i imagine.

Flowering. Early on 50~ isnt a thread. And even later you can get away with it as long as you circulation is good. But more like 40-50 i believe is better. The further in flower the more u can drop humidity. ESPECIALLY if you have fat dense nuggets. Super easy to get moldy


ok so hear is my latest problem. I have two different grow media one is a DWC and the other is Soil i went to check on her this morning and the girl in the dwc has water bubbles on the plant like its trying to get rid of excess water in the plant. I know i need a dehumidifier in there now since my RH spiked to 75% at night i think the fan was shut off so no circulation. Anyone ever seen this in a DWC? That the plant is expelling excess water?


She is starting to show her pretty flowers now.

Question about Lollipopping Do i just remove all this growth under the canopy. Does it matter that she is in flower?


Pistils! Look at the little lady! Adorable. Congrats.

Now dwc. I dont know jack bout. Tags away… @TDubWilly @bryan @Budbrother @Hogmaster @Bogleg

Anything here yall can address? I believe his plants are ‘sweating’ n he wants lollipopping timing and tips.

@Rayofsunshine post a full body shot of the lady.


You have to do it a little at a time being that far along I would just let it grow Would hate for you to stress it out too bad


Thanks man. But do plants naturally drip? That sounds weird but i think someone around here had that happening


Yes they do mine have not in a big amount though like sap


I read up on this and yes plants will sweat if they have excess water. The humidity reached 91% that night. Some one turned off my fan in there i checked tonight and the Rh maintained 50% last night. I still might have to buy a dehumidifier in a couple weeks. I have a la Crosse weather stations so i can add sensors to my network and look at my phone the whole time and know what the RH and Temp is.


Here is a full frontal of Ehrycka

And this is Jackie in the DWC

No Sweating today since the RH has been at 45-50%


I know you cant tell but they both got hair cuts yesterday i took off like 30% of their fan leaves and they still look like freaking bushes. I had to on the DWC they just get soo freaking big on that girl block everything from getting light. But Ehrycka is a freaking champ. I think i am going to water and change the dwc today so sunday be the start of the week from now on its just to much work to do on Monday morning.


the girls look happy and healthy. Nice shade of green!


So i went and got a digital timer for my tent. I took down the old analog timer and sure as shit at 4am 3 pins were in the down position so it get a 45 minute light burst. I would of never known had it not been for my Thermostat I am a window cleaner so i have a weather station from LaCrosse I have my display on my desk a sensor outside and another sensor in my grow room. I can see all the different temps outside and in my grow space. I kept seeing this temp spike at 4 that is what got my attention. Ehrycka don’t seem to mind she is flowering anyways but Jackie just don’t want to show her pistils i think its a direct response to the light burst at 4am. So with this new digital timer i have her all set to go now 12/12 with no light burst. I hope it did not stress her out so much she grows nuts along with pistils.


@hangthebanksters @Justgrowin @dbrn32 @raustin Do you guys think i messed up to bad with my lights? Ehrycka is growing good but Jackie just dont want to show her pretty flowers. It has to be the light burst that kept her thinking she was in Veg I hope she bounces back now that i have a digital timer. I kinda like it better lol it has 7 different programs that i can put in and run With Clean Times of off at 6pm and on at 6 pm.


That’s happened to me before. Don’t worry, she’ll start to flower now that you fixed it.


keep an eye out for nanners. Under these types of stresses hermaphrodites can form…


I hope not that is what i am worried about the most lol getting a freak plant it was already a pest to grow with her weird color leaves. After this i am just going to grow like @raustin 1 plant at a time.