Proud new poppa meet Ehrycka


Yea ohio reclassified cbd as medical. You can get it just have to have perscription. They are keeping flowers and now any type of oil. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me as cbd is legal everywhere else


Ehry says flip those frikin lights!!! Lol good work tho :facepunch:t5:


@PurpNGold74 we must of been connected in the universe. Today was the day i just got tired of looking at green plants i shouldn’t of started a second grow. Until the first was done. So Whatever live and learn. I Flipped the lights at 6 Fed them their transitional nutrients. AND HERE WE GO


I will do a regrow of the jack herer after this but let it grow to term. This time its way early but as i said i am tired of watching veg plants. So they are both in flower. Or i am going to order something different i am not sure. the Northern Lights is 2 months old tho I know i popped her on aug 9th or something. So what ever happens happens and in 8 weeks i will have meds in the jars. Now i have to save to by a carbon filter.


Sounds good to me. Im tuned in for the finish


I typically check on my plants a few times at night what is it about growing cannabis that captivates me. I can sit down there and watch it grow for hours LOL But now its on 12/12 so i will only get a a hour in the morning and a hour at night. Just enough time to check the ph i guess LOL


@Rayofsunshine you nailed it…growing is “captivating”. I wife cannot understand how I can spend 1 hour with the girls. Always seems like I was only tending to the girls for 5 minutes or so. Growing is kinda like a spaced out, captivating experience where you lose touch with time and BS…:cowboy_hat_face:


Hell reading about others grows is captivating! :joy::joy: my girl hates how im in my phone when i get into it. She can deal with the girls. Made it thru first harvest (also smoked all of her as well :scream::scream:)


So i checked my girls this morning and ph’d the water in the DWC. But i must of been in a hurry because i forgot to put the lid back on the bucket tightly so before lights out i went to check the ph again and it was like a freaking steam house in the tent. So word of advice make sure you put the lid back on your dwc buckets lol i kept the door open for like 15 minutes to get the excess moisture out of it. I will get my dehumidifier later this months along with my carbon filter. I had no idea how much moisture a bubbling bucket of water would put in the tent. I will file that in back of my mind for my next grow and maybe use another bubble bucket to keep the humidity up in the tent during veg.


A friend posted this on my Facebook. GMO Cannabis


That’s old news, and you’d be surprised at how difficult it is to avoid buying products owned by them already.


Here’s a research project if you’re up to it.

Monsanto < scotts miracle grow < Hawthorne gardening co < sunlight supply co.

You’ll get tired of looking before you find them all. The sunlight supply catalog alone is bigger than a phone book.


Sorry @dbrn32 it was new news to me. So i thought i would post it.


No need for apologies, knowledge is power.


Wow i got a big stretch going on with her now still no pistils yet but she has really grown since the switch. I will post pics later today. I am running late lol Also i have a question that some might answer. If Kush is indica and haze is sativa Does the term cough have any significance? I am looking to buy Either Strawberry Cough or Raspberry Cough or is it just slang for the taste of the pot?


Cough - because that’s what it tends to make everybody do. Strawberry Cough is tasty stuff :wink:


I had no idea about the amount of stretch she was going to do. I saw a video that said when you switch to flower it takes about 2 weeks for the plant to respond and use up the nutrients from the veg cycle. That is why you get a stretch when you transition. So she has filled in very nicely. So this is what she looks like at the end of week 1 of flower


Well its the start of week two of flower and i follow the recommened feed of GenHydro

per gallon of water

5 cal mag
4 Flora micro
1 Flora gro
5 Flora bloom
1 Rapid Start
5 Flora Blend
1 Floralicious

All Values in ML


This is the Fim i did on the dwc. I pinched the top once again i planned on topping and then this little thing popped up


i have noticed some major differences between the two methods of growing. That dwc explodes all the time its just as bushy as the soil grow, here is a picture of her notice that branch in the back that is a very bottom branch it has grown past the canopy so its taller then the main stem with being topped