Proud new poppa meet Ehrycka


As @raustin pointed out i might not need to flush just adjust the ppm and make sure the ph is correct so the plant can use it. Here are some updated pictures of her.

See the yellowed edges on the leafs in the middle i dont have alot of burn but it did burn a little

and introducing Jackilyn she is a Jack Herer strain. That i poped the other day i plan on doing a DWC on this grow.


I don’t see any real nute burn, you’re good, her PPM is fine. Next time she should get a good watering and then feed again after that. You’re doing good, luv!


So i am asking if i just use PH water tomorrow for her normal watering will it mix with the left over nutrients in the soil and make them usable to the plant? Or will it just leach out the old nutrients?


Probably a little bit of both.


Exactly what he said. Straight water her for the hell of it. When in doubt. PH’d water is the trick. N i agree with @raustin too. No nute burn to be seen. Keep :eyes: n good job


so i watered her this morning with just ph water and the run off was at 1795 ppm. I did no feed this week. My water is at 100 ppm i thought that was the chlorine but it doesn’t go down after two days of aeration.

Keep in mind i had no idea about preparing the soil. I just plopped a seed into the soil and watered that is how i ended up with fungus gnats. I know now to run hot water over the dirt to rinse it off.

The ph of the water going in was 6.3 and the run off was 6.5 so i have my ph dialed in but what might be causing the issue with ppm. Is it the actual salts left over from feeding the last few weeks or is it the actual dirt that is disolving and raising the ppm of the run off?


So i was chasing the ppm squirrel across the interwebs and came across a post in this forum. It was about excess ppm in run off. My water comes out a brown color and the post says that these are toxins in the soil. I am not the first or will i be the last to notice this in FFOF once again i am not unique in my lack of knowledge on growing. So in order to get the ppm down and toxins out of the soil i will just be using ph water. I didn’t notice any nutrient burn until last week. So hopefully i can just keep watering her with ph water and get the ppm down before i switch to flower. Which i am hoping will be in 2 weeks.

The original poster had a ppm out of 5000 so i don’t feel as bad having a ppm out of 1795.


1795 is a little on the high side, but not too bad. You’re absolutely right about the PPM, when you water you’re dissolving salts from last feeding, but also the nutes in that hot soil and that’s what’s coming out the bottom. I wouldn’t call it toxins though, they’re just nutes.


The reason i called them toxins was that is what the guy called them in the thread on ILGM. Its a learning process now i really understand the importance or preparing your soil first. In the same thread they said that FFOF has enough nutrients to run a 5 week veg that i could of just waited on any nutrients until i moved her to flower


Exactly, you don’t need to feed that foxfarm soil until you’re ready to flower.


I get so many conflicting opinions. The people at the store recommend 2 weeks start with nutrients. This is just a experience i needed to have for myself. Now i know that FFOF is as hot as everyone says. I didn’t kill her yet so i cant be doing all that bad now its just about thinning out the ppm in the soil lol so this week and next i am just using ph water i put in 6.3 and 6.5 came out so i have that dialed in. Now i just need to get the ppm down before flower.


Excellent, having the Ph on target is half the battle. Don’t worry, the plants will grow into the high PPM.


The people at the store have some interest in how much you use. Could be that.


I know i just wish i would of had the correct ph and ppm meters i just got my set from amazon on monday. I am still learning a lot. But now i know the ppm of the run off. I am also at the correct ph so the plant will use what is left in the soil


Here are updated photos. This would be official start of week 6 i think After getting the correct ph she started to gain momentum. 3 days ago i showed @raustin the plant and the nutrient burn. Today she is touching the edges of the pot she was like 2 inches away in the photo from 3 days ago. So she is really moving.
So here is some Veg Photos

This is the nutrient burn that started because of having to much ppm in the soil


She’s looking nice and healthy now.


I had to dbl check the photos i didn’t believe she moved that much at least 2 inches from 3 days ago. Thank you guys for all the help and understanding of how to grow this beauty


It’s all about the Ph.


You mean the ph of the water not the Pot Head Growing right? See what i did there PH = PotHead LOL i r the funny


@raustin and @PurpNGold74 really helped me to understand ph and how to adjust to get the correct numbers :slight_smile: