Protect from frost

We have 10 big plants that are growing outside, about 5 to 7 feet tall. It’s about 10 days to harvest. They predict frost in a couple of days. Just wondering if frost could do any damage to the plants. Anyone has experience with that? Not sure if we should try to cover them with some tarps, which would be kind of hard to do. We went through lots of problems growing so far. Hate to lose it now. I live in New England. Thanks

Hi! Sorry im not much help… but i kno a guy…

Also @Loki n @Vermont

I get u didnt say vermont… but they fight frost with ya


A really lightweight sheet gently draped over them will protect from frost. Be careful, when they’re laden with fat buds it’s easy to break branches. I haven’t tried thin plastic sheeting (like the .2mm stuff at Home Depot) but It may work too. Although It will turn into a sail with any wind

Not a good solution when it’s really windy.

Also, you may need to add some support as well.


I am in NE also. Have 2 outdoors and worried bout same thing. Just found some bud rot on my best plant…questioning whether to harvest early…we are getting more rain amd high winds…:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

If its on ur best girl, maybe worth the early chop. Got pics?

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