Pros and/or Cons of Additional Light During Flower

Possibly Relevant Facts:

Plant: OJ Kush Auto
Medium: Soil Grow (Happy Frog with 15% Coco)
Nutes: Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big, 1/2 strength, and occasional Cal/Mag 1/2 strength
Time-frame: Beginning Week 5 Today (4/11), pref-lower began 2 days ago or so.

Good morning everyone,

I have been using an inexpensive Chinese manufactured LED light that draws 180w from the wall and four daylight color temp LED bulbs at 17w per bulb for supplemental light. I would like to know your opinion as it pertains to adding an additional inexpensive LED during flower. I actually already have one that I haven’t been using so I wouldn’t be buying anything new. Half of its “Veg” lights do not work, but all of its red “bloom” lights still work fine. It’s fans still run as well.

Would adding an additional light somehow ‘shock’ the plants or are there other things I should consider? If it is advisable to add the light, when should I do it? My understanding is that over the next 7 to 14 days of pre-flower my plant will likely go through a growth spurt. Will adding light max this growth spurt out?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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I say add them. I added 400hps to mine almst 5 weeks into flower and they loved it up. I was only using a bunch of cfl lights and it did not hurt them at all, only made them more happy and bigger buds at the end.

That is one of my OG Kush photos
They will thanks u for more light, if ur abit worried, hang em high and lower an inch or 2 each day
My cfls made good side lighting tho lol


I agree on adding it. Although I would start it up higher then bring it down to the same height as the other over a week or two so the plant can adjust.


Thanks guys. I added the light yesterday and hung it a little higher than the first one. This morning I lowered it some.