Pro's... Allow me to soak up your knowledge of Topping/HST

Coming up on my 3rd grow. Growing 3 Sour Joker Sour Ghost, 1 Ak47/Gobi, and 1 clone of Washing Mashine (Good Strain Look it up). All in 3 or 5 Gal Smart Pots.

Currently utilizing the 33% method which is 33% Fox farm soil happy frog and ocean forest 33% perlite and 33% Coco. All with Fox farm nutes as suggested by foxfarm.

I normally veg in a 2 by 4 tent running strictly LED. Right now I’m averaging 400 W of relatively new but ther cheap quantum boards Mars hydro TS 60 and 2 other blurples.

Now that the background information is out of the way, I want to learn how to top perfectly. I will post pictures and all you pros out there if you could just draw A-line on where I should cut it would help tremendously.

Any suggestions, Tips, Comments, Questions. Please.
Let em rip.

These 3 Pics are of the Washing Mashine clone.
Its mainly a sativa im pretty sure and have already topped/FIMMED a couple times already.
Already very bushy. Do i keep topping?
I just need to know what i should be expecting, and if im doing it right

( And yes I know, I need to get a bigger tent here still when I go into flowering)
(Switching to 4 by 4 when i start the flower process)
(Plus 600w.HPS’s)


I think it looks great I personally top when it’s younger and LST just to max the air flow she’s looking kinda big so I’d get some others opinions on this for sure