Proper way to decrease light to put plants outside memorial day

Hi all! I’m doing 5 gscx autos and 4 ww fems from ilgm. I have them inside in a tent they sprouted in early/mid April . I want to put them outside on memorial day I’m in Massachusetts. I’ve been giving them a few hours of sunlight and moving them back inside they are on 18/6 right now. I dont want them to got into flower or get messed up so I need a plan on how to lower the length of light time to match the roughly 14 hour days that I’ll have around memorial day. So basically drop about 4 hours in 2 weeks.

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Hello yes that’s essentially the idea. Mine sprouted April first also. And I too also live in Mass. I put them outside on really nice days and just the other day I switched from 18/6 to 17/7 and then by next week 16/8 and so on and so forth until I pop them outside.