Proper use of Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish

Makes sense…solution is currently basic…needs to be more acidic…I was thinking lemon or lime juice or vinegar

Yes lemon juice is anoth one I have heard of people using


Hey just currious do you not ph your feed at all with an. Or do you ph water before adding nutes? What is your grow medium? I use an nutes too and been putting them in at 5.8 and wondering if its been hurting my grow after all. I grow in peat and perlite with coco

Oh i seen you are in promix…im jist currious of i should just ph water then add nutes or just ph it all to 5.8 …when i add nutes to my water its usually around 6.5ph

Always adjust ph last, after you’ve added everything.

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Sweet thanks !

Always ph after nutes added to water but if ur using advanced nutrients u dont need to ph.

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Hello @Hellraiser I was wondering how you used Flawless Finish in soil. HF. I’m pretty much all cloudy with a couple amber. Will it supply anything or is it just better flush then plain water? Did you just use it once or all through the 2 weeks of flush? Thanks for the info and thanks for all you do on the forums!

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Supposedly a better flush than water only, pulls more nutes from the the medium. I typically used it for the first week of flush and then water only on last week, certainly could use it for whole flush period though for max effect if desired but I generally used it until I saw the color change happening in the leaves, then moved to water.

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