Proper trellis use?

I two days ago topped my plant and today decided to get the trellis out and help the rest of the branches get light in since the canopy foliage is starting to get thick

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your plant looks healthy Im not sure if there is a proper way to trellis but I can tell you about my experience using em … so i have one similar to the one in the picture … I have since bought a second one … with smaller squares and i find its alot easier to work with … il tag you in a pic of my set up so u can see … my first time using one i did not do to well . after maybe 3 to 4 times using i got more comfortable using them and better at knowing what to let stretch and what to cut and what to tuck … some weave it in and out … i personally like tucking them under and letting it grow tru… i usually train the plant a bit more before placing it makes it easier to water and whatnot … that’s my experience and honestly i enjoy running one when i can

I just bought a stretch net and am looking forward to trying it. I had to chop an amnesia haze last grow because it started flopping onto other plants by day 45. My thought is I’ll do my normal aggressive LST and add the net mid-flower. I would think it’s hard to trim and flush a plant putting the net on so early, but I don’t know. I’ll be curious to read further replies.

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I don’t know about nets but you probably want to put a riser under the pot and consider how you’ll collect run off after the plant is in the net and won’t come out of the tent easily.