Proper TDS at harvest

Hi folks - I’m getting ready to chop for the first time this weekend. The girls are in Ocean Forest with a little Happy Frog on top. My water has about 175ppm and the runoff TDS for all of them is around 7-800 today. How far should I aim to bring the PPM down do you think?

Thanks!! Almost there!!

If they are truly ready to chop, the runoff TDS doesn’t really matter.


I miss Hellraiser. Rxgreen is a good reference doc


We all miss Hellraiser.



Thanks @Newt - the taste is what I was thinking might benefit most, but perhaps not!! The FF juice doesn’t taste great from what’s accidentally squirted in my mouth - :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Good luck. I do flush for a week or two before chop. But I don’t bother checking the runoff.

And I am certain that the FF juice tasted horrible. But that was before it had been converted to pant growth. :wink:

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