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Good morining. (Texas growers) I live in central. I have a question. I bought a bag of organic soil from home depot. will that be good enought to start my grow?
feedback please james

Info on brand and ingredient list?

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I follow the Build a Soil recommendations (, but mix my own from local suppliers. Their website has some good organic soil explanations and tips.

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awsome mate what else are you putting in your mix?

organic soil is all i have now. i plan to get a bag of sand and cotten seed hulls. i think the organic soil i havewill work fine . im really not sure what im going to get to mix with it. fish mulch if i can find it.

@Mickanooch I usually put some ILGM seeds in the mix. :slight_smile:

I like a peat base, some perlite for drainage, then organic manure from bat guano, chicken shit, worm casings. I add gypsum (calcium) and epsom salts (magnesium), and I like to add Ironite or Azomite for minerals. Mix it all up, make soaking wet to activate it, then let it sit for a couple weeks(?) for the microbes to break down the manure compounds. Expect fresh mixed organic soil to be “hot” and dangerous to tender plant roots for a while.

You can go alot more exotic with kelp and other trace elements. I don’t reuse soil from cannabis; all the used cannabis soil goes back into a compost pile, and then to the tomatoes.

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nice sounds like a great mix. gypsum is bloody great and kelp to great for a healthy plant. not sure if 2 weeks is long enough, theres a good article about hot soil on this site have a look mate. what strains you gonna grow?

I ordered purple haze.


That’s what I was going to ask…beat me again…lmao

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Hi garrigan65 my I’m james71. I received my orgder in good time but I have alrighty lost one of my seedlings this morning(18 of mar). I planted two of the five I ordered. I planted in organic soil. the other I planted is doing great. one dies and other grows ( my personal observation is the one seed for some reason wasn’t good . Your feedback would be appreciated. thanks James71