Proper lighting

which is Best a 1000w or 2000w full spectrum lighting in a green house outside ?

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You want to add light just to keep plants vegging longer?

I see what it says but couldnt fix it …
it was an either or question…

Answer is probably neither. I was trying to ask what the purpose of adding lights to the greenhouse is? And how big is the greenhouse?

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ive got a fairly good size green house and ive got a couple 1957 railroad carts fully secure and 1 is fully equipped with electricity . i can either go mother natures route and allow her to do my lighting for me or i can go railroad cart and either a 1000w or a 2000w full spectrum lighting system .
the reason why im asking is cause i havent yet purchased the lighting system for the railroad cart


ill get a better picture of the green house in the morning

The term full spectrum leads me to believe leds, and when you start talking about leds that big that’s usually an imaginary number. Most of those lights consume a few hundred watts tops and are lucky to have flowering intensity for a 3x3 tent.

I could tell you more if I a had a specific model to research. But really need more information in general to say. A greenhouse should be naturally lit, and you would either as lighting to increase veg period, add lighting to increase flowering intensity, or both. The lighting requirements there vary a lot.


As promised you’ll see ive got grow room …


I would advise growing autos instead of photo period. Gonna be hard to control light…

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@Myfriendis410 Especially now with winter coming , and yes thank you i am growing 4 WW auto’s right now in my railroad cart. got Wonderwoman in the greenhouse .

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I Know why you’re friend is 410 , cause it gives you 10 minutes to get ready lol jk :rofl:

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That’s pretty good! Actually it’s a phrase I use on the skeet field: “The 410 is your friend!” lol. (I used to be a nationally ranked NSSA shooter).

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So do me a favor explain “ 410 is your friend “ we shoot here on our property too , my favorite is my Henry .22 cal Goldenboy

I feel like the railroad cars would have some difficult temperature issues.

I’d love an outbuilding like that green house. :+1:


I’m guessing it’s a reference to him being pretty good with a .410.

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Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w 12-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

I sprayed Wonderwoman with this insecticide and this happened , anyone familiar with this i had to cut of these

I love my .308 moss berg