Proper humidity

I need to know the best humidity level while plant’s are in the budding stage!!@BobbyDigital. I know the heat should be 80 degrees!!

Here’s a vpd chart for maximum growth. Late Flower you want humidity in the 40’s but to line up with vpd you’d need to drop temp to 75 or below.

I try and follow the vpd but usually end up around 50% humidity for the whole grow.

I just checked mine it’s at 76% my temp is at 77° Fahrenheit. Time for the AC to be on! They look pretty good to me. They’re not stinky yet? When do they usually give off odors?

Depends on the plant. I have a laughing Buddha that’s on week 5 of veg and stinks. Had other plants the were well into flower before I noticed.

I need to trim my plant to expose the bud growth but I don’t what to trim and what not to trim? A lot of the biggest fan leaves are blocking the light. Do you have any pictures of what to trim so I can get the good buds? Thanks for helping bro

Mine have no odor yet 2nd week of budding.

If it’s big and covering a bud site it’s gone. I have to trim up my maui next watering. Give me a sec and I’ll get a pic and try to show which ones I’m taking

This is laughing Buddha, she’s already trimmed up. I like to be able to see my soil from above

This is Maui and the leaves I’ll be taking, probably tomorrow as light as the pot feels

Those plants look great!! Thanks for the pictures! I hope I do it right. Fan leaves and anything covering bud sites? I just want to sure I got it right. Is it best to cut the fan leaves down or remove them completely? Sorry for so many questions. I have a 260w led it’s really bright and a 145w that has a different color spectrum. Do you think it’s ok to use them together for more light?

Give them the light you have. You’re looking to knock out big fan leaves that are blocking other bud sites. I also clean up the bottoms 1/3rd of the plant. 1. It makes it easier to water without all that bottom growth. 2. That stuff isn’t going to develop much and is just going to suck energy from the ones that will.

This is from a few weeks ago. More will be removed as the weeks go by as I figure out what branches with make it to the canopy.

Clearing the big fan leaves won’t effect the THC content of the plant? I hope I’m asking the right questions? Only use the 260w light that I’m using now. No 145w. I rotate the plant every couple of days to try to get light all around the plant. I apologize for bothering you so much. You always give great advice! I trust your knowledge bro! Blessings! BamBam!!

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No it won’t affect it at all. In fact, within a week or two it will need to be done again


Thanks bro!! The sizzers are coming out today. I’ll try to send you a picture when I’m done trimming Samantha. She has a nice ass!!! The one that gave me the seed!!

Maui needed water today so she got her trim. You can see the before and after. By next week you won’t be able to tell I did anything



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I trimmed the hell out of this plant. All that was covering. Looks pretty naked now!! I took some pictures but I had to do it under the grow light. I couldn’t get any help. I’m praying I didn’t screw it up!

I just made some tea with all the trimming’s. I hope it works? Let me know what you think? Should I cut the bottom 2 branches off if you can see them? LMK bro

That’s heavier than I tend to go but @imSICKkid defoliates like that and has beautiful bounties.

Your plants look beautiful. Thanks for the advice you’ve been giving me the plant needs a watering tomorrow or Monday. I might let her go a extra day before watering so the soil isn’t too wet. She’s getting much wider. I’m going to have to move the light and the plant if it gets any wider.

I’m relieved to hear that. I thought it was too much also but I exposed all the bud growth with nothing covering. I have about 4 feet wide and it’s getting too close to the area already!! Thanks bro!! I’m going to try the tea I made now. I hope it works. Dental surgery yesterday.

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I sent you pics. I took pictures of the buds to see if you can tell about how many weeks till I can get a harvest?

If you’re referring to the pics above, she’s probably 4-6 weeks out still