Proper defoliation

I have an lsd autoflower believe to be in week 4 believe actually 5 but see no pistils anywhere yet have check note picture dates

all sprout bout same time DWC 600w MH AN nuts
First real grow have little experience. Where and when to actually defoliate read so much many different thoughts on matter dnt know which way to go. these are from ilgm seeds. I have cut out smaller foliage down low week ago very little. Everything seems fine roots nice white ( besides small amounts of coco coir i used to start seed flushing dwn hydroton) as in pics looks good to me but I dnt know.
Would really appreciate help greatful for all advice


Defoliation is generally used to improve airflow and light penetration. Your plants don’t need help with either. No need for defoliation at this point.

Autos usually flower at between 4 and 7 weeks, but we occasionally see them go as long as 12 weeks.


Midwest has you covered. :+1:


No need to defoliate. You may benefit from some lst on the main stalk tho.


Thanks for the comment sir, I understand fact not all will be same genetics pheno is there any concern most pics I see at same week way more foliage. I’m sure my solution may of been part of it had to purchase new ph pen couple weeks ago apologize for the bother.

I’ve thought of it actually just not to sure how go about it I guess I’ve seen plenty pics so I get the jist, when is it to late to start

Autos are treated differently than photoperiod. Any kind of high stress training, including leaf removal, can stall the plant out and adversely affect yields.

You should always be cautious of any leaf removal as the leaves are responsible for providing everything the plant needs to flower. Other than air flow it’s best to avoid any actual defoliation.


That’s what I thought myself cool thanks. Been reading up a lot on all topics . Guess would like to succeed in this quest hobby. sure have answered same questions many times thanks for time. ILGM!.


Happy to help and pass on what you learn. That’s the best ‘thank you’ you can give.


Absolutely will do!.