Proper cloning temperature..?


What is the proper cloning temperature in water? ( bubble cloning )

What is the proper cloning temperature in Rapid Rooters?


It remains the same regardless of method. 75 to 80 degrees is optimum for developing roots but dialing it back a bit won’t hurt. 60 to 70 degrees will just take a bit longer. I’ve never tried below 60 and believe that the cutting would dry out before it grew enough roots to support it at that low a temp.
If you buy a seedling heating mat for under your trays, they usually are preset to turn on when below 70 and shut off at 80.


Thanks, I’ve got a couple propagation mats, I wasn’t sure if a bubble cloner should be heated or not…


I would have to agree. I start mine out on my porch so they’re not in direct sun without roots. I figured it would be an easier transition to the full sun later when the roots developed.

I’ve finally noticed the earlier clones always take longer. I thought it was due to the shorter daylight hours, until I learned most root production is at night.

Learning about the temperature range makes it more reasonable to me. Thank you.

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