Proper Cloning Cuts

Super newbie here. I received some clones (teens- root bound, stunted and nute-burned) - but the price was right! first attempt at cloning the stunted lower growth cuts failed except for the Bordelio.

The big girls are doing great now that I have my grow closet set up. The bottom growth is still stunted and all plants dark green (too much N from grower?) but the new growth is looking pretty good (IMHO). But still very small for 13 weeks.

How do I know where to pick cuts for starting new clones? I want to have a viable clone of each before switching the lights to bloom and going 12:12 in case my SO prefers a certain strain. I just received some clonex and would prefer doing solo cups at this time.

I am trying to think of the ticket items:

Grow: Indoor
Strains GG4, Skywalker OG, Golden Goat, Bordelio, Sour Diesel
Soil: Leftover Vigoro potting soil
Ph: meter on order
EC: meter on order
Nutrients: none-the potting soil has NPK
Light: clones will be on my desk (south sun) with one fluorescent and one incandescent.
Water: tap let to sit with volcanic rock for 24 hours before using. Local water has calcium hardness.
Temp and RH: temp is 65-72F. They wil be in domes and soil sprayed regularly. But ambient RH is about 30%.

Any advice would be appreciated! You people rock!

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Anything from the bottom is favorable. The bottom shoots never amount to much.


Pick a shoot that is long enough- some claim the top is better, but I cut all the lower foliage anyway. It needs to be longer than you think it should be. Make sure to get at-least one node under the soil/media level. Trim leaves and cut tips, dip top end in antiwilt / cloneguard, cut stem at 45 degree angle, dip in clonex. Then mist the leaves with water several times a day to help with root development. - this really speeds development. Try to do close to the end of the day so the clones can rest in darkness and 18/6 light schedule. No nutes til roots develop. Keep them under a dome for til they take root, Humidity level needs to be like 90%. Keep them warm as well. With winter here- drafts can cause major issues to babies.