Propagation disaster


Need help. Not sure what I’ve done wrong but out of 4 seeds 2 sprouted, 1 with seed (Helmut) attached, which i dad manage to get off. 1 seed didn’t sprout at all and the other as someone pointed out had a tap root :thinking: coming out, tried to turn it around and it all just flaked so got rid of it.
The one that did seem to be going good has now fallen over and the stem turned from green to an amber colour.
Is this a lighting issue? And issue with the nute solution I soaked the rockwool in?
I didnt add cal/mag, should that have been added to the mix?
Should the water come up in line with the holes in the propagation tray or just a fine layer in the bottom.?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Should I just throw them and start again and if so what do I do differently.

Almost time for a transplant into a medium. I would also lower your light to increase the intensity. This will keep your seedlings at the proper height, and keep stretch to a minimum.


both babies should have been transplanted to final home when only 1" tall. the one with a 4" stem is still trying to survive. transplant ASAP…bury all but last 1" of stem. the extra stem will grow roots.
also, rethink you lighting. obvious the babies are not getting what they need.
second one is locked up with seed husk…CAREFULLY wet with mist then ease hush off with a needle. leaves will pop out and take off.
lessons learned. each grow is a new adventure. grower has to adapt to babies needs. Good Luck

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Thanks, definitely made some big mistakes. Didn’t have them under lights just sitting on windows sill, so have moved to tent and under lights now. Getting my bucket system ready and will transplant asap. Hopefully they survive. Thanks so much.
One question though, is im still waiting on cal/mag, is this ok to add to water once it arrives or does it have to be added before other nutes? Im going to be using dwc, and thinking of getting some h2o2 also, is this vital?