Proof Of Concept System

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Been slowly getting into hydroponics in my last two grows. Current I have two five gallons buckets, I would like to step into a larger volume of water so I devised a simple 3 bucket system, 2 consisting of my plants and 1 bucket to hold the pump. In the pump bucket, I have a rated 800 GPH pump. How long every hour should I need to run this? Is there any downside to just letting it run all the time?

Do you guys see any downside to this system for a general newbie that I need to be aware of?

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I run a 793gph in a 3 pail and 1 res setup never shut it off.
Best to run it overnight to see if the return lines can keep up with the flow. I had one setup where pump was to strong for the return back of water and it made one heck of a mess.
If the pump is to strong there are plugs with timers you can get that can be set for on time in minutes and off time in minutes. 2 on 3 off then repeats. Can be set by user to desired timing. Ill see if i can find the maker of them if you need it.
Are you planning on running those hoses through the buckets ? If going through lids it will be a problem at times if you have to lift the plant out.

I just cut holes at top with grommets for water intake to each pail. Also same for air lines from air pump.
You do have air pump and stones rite ?

Here is an example of timer i am talking about. Makes it easy if pump is to strong.

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critical to balance flow and pump…


Sorry guys been busy with work and getting another panel put in the grow, the system is working great, I have a few improvements I am going to make. Water temps are running warmer than I would like but Winter should help me out there, and by the spring I’ll have the chiller system in, been warding off root rot with H2O2 and it seems to be doing the job rather well.

I also have another 25-foot section of the tube coming so I can run a drain off to make flushing the system with fresh water both quick and easy.

The pump runs 24/7 without any issues, I tested it 2 overnight cycles before putting the plant into it. Since then I’ve been very happy with the growth and no signs of root rot. Very happy with the results of combing my buckets into one system and the future flexibility should I desire.

The current system capacity with two plants that have rather large root balls atm, is running at about 9 gallons total water.

I do have a few gnats, any suggestions for that?


Plants Pictured are in Week 2 of Bloom Gorilla Glue #5


Thought you guys might be interested in seeing the rootballs, almost a full 5-gallon bucket. :grinning:

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Nice setup and plants, try Great White beneficial bacteria and fungi to stop bad bacteria causing root rot, it is available on ebay cheapest.


I’m being sold more and more on hydro… might eventually take the plunge.


@DankGunslinger This is my forth grow total and my first full hydro grow, the amount of control over the system is what sold me. Dirt was great to get me started in the hobby but I like to tinker and one thing lead to another. System has been going strong for me, prototyping a dehumidifier water chiller using a wort cooler.

Week 5 Bloom pictures


@Bandwidth did you brew? I have wondered if an immersion chiller would work or use of a plate chiller. I think my area stays cool enough to not need a chiller but I am still analyzing that.

Looking good. I run my pump 24/7.

Final Update 11/23/2019

Everything has been dried and placed in jars to cure out the rest of the way. Final yield was 1 lb 1.2oz from two plants. Very happy with my first full hydro grow, still room to squeeze out more as my knowledge gets better.

New seeds are in the rooters now, Grow 6 is clear for launch!


Thx for the info it’s probably my next upgrade will see how things go. The automation/time allowance it gives is what interests me alot. Wow @Bandwidth the proof is in the pudding that’s alot of smoke. What’s ur tent size/light etc.

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