Promoting root growth

I’ve been growing for not quite a year and am very pleased with the systems that I’ve put together, with some good help along the way. I am thinking it would be helpful to get a stronger root system early, and was thinking that using some of the clone hormone gel diluted about 2ml per 500ml dH2O would be helpful to put on clones in Jiffy Pellets or when first in soil. I tried that a little bit and not sure if it worked, but the clones in general seem to have been happier when i did so. Also, seem to have found out that sharpness of razor blade for cutting clones is the most important part of the process. Is that correct?

I look foward to some thoughts from the collective wisdom!



Ive never used rooting hormones. But do mix in a bit of microbes via Real Growers’ Recharge when starting seedlings. Nothing fancy

Also when taking a cutting, always use a STERILE sharp blade. Ive gleand from many a brain around here. But have settled into,

  1. Take cutting (prefer it to have 3-4 nodes)
  2. Cut bottom to 45 degree angle, and strip lowest node
  3. Drop into water
  • this is where i have 2 diff approaches ive been tinkering with…
    4a. I leave it in the cup of water (changing water every couple days) to root. Takes 2-3 weeks usually
    4b. Sit in water for a day or two, then plant directly into soil i wet the previous day.
  1. Dome the clone (keep the dome wet, not the clone)

Thanks for the tips! I’ve been doing your 1, 2, 3, but for 4 into Jiffy Pellets with Clonex. For 5, keep in little plastic wine glasses under a dome, and spray the inside of the glass and the Jiffy Pellet with water, and keep a piece of white typing paper over the dome to subdue the light. Only problem was recently when used an older razor blade, and then I remembered a sage from a grow shop or a grow coach saying that the blade needs to be super sharp and if things go wrong with cloning, look to the razor blade first. D

As long as u sterilized it, shouldnt give u issues… operable word being shouldnt :rofl::rofl: