Promix suggestions/help

Hey guys,

I’m dabbling to into new ways to grow, I normally just grow in dwc, but I got some good deals on a few things and just wanted to know what could I add to this to maximize the grow,

I got some promix M, I belive it’s the standard with mycro,
A bottle of great white mycro
A bag of worm castings
A bag of perlite
Jobes 3-3-3 fert
A bag of homegrown brand tomato formula 4-6-3

Now a couple questions, what do i need to add to the promix to make is sutibale for growing, i figured some perlite and maybe lime, but needed wanted your alls insight,

Now what else could i add to this to improve the grow, I’m not sure if there’s any ammendments, that could help, sorry for all the questions, thanks ahead of time!!!.

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