Promix HP users How does this look?

I had the ingredients so I put this together. I am looking for a mix to use in 5 gallon SIP buckets. I experimented with one using straight coco and it is doing very well. I wanted to try a peat based medium following Bruce Bugbee’s peat formula and using Promix ingredients list / ratios.
Peat moss 15.0 gallons
Coco 2.0 gallons
Vermiculite 3.5 gallons
Perlite 6.0 gallons
Total volume 26.5 gallons
Vermiculite & perlite 9.5 gallons = 35% of total. 55% compared to peat & coco.

Dolomite lime - 90 grams
Pelletized gypsum 23 grams
Bruce says to use 40 grams lime and 10 grams gypsum per cubic foot. I am a little less than these amounts. He also uses all vermiculite in a 50/50 mix. Because I am using SIP I did not want that much water retention in the mix so decreased vermiculite and added perlite. I have Yucca coming which I will add as a wetting agent if it comes in time.
I will be using Jack’s 321.

@Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @dbrn32

This the SIP guinea pig. The water inlet is the 1" pvc pipe on right side

Think the mix should work?


I know next to nothing about coco, but it all looks pretty good to me. Your hard work should pay off.


I’m not familiar with his method other than I know where it comes from.

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