Project: Increase the lighting footprint with bridgelux light strips

Need me a neighbor as considerate as u are :joy::joy::joy:


Hahahaha, right on! From pic they look a little hungry maybe too, could be lighting though.

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@dbrn32 I’ve been feeding them every 3days with this schedule, plus a few extras like oilycann, occasional godsillica, etc. I thought they were hungry as well so stepped up the grow/bloom once to no effect. If you look under the top most layers of leaves, the lower ones are all nice and green. Bottom of canopy looks great. I’m assuming it’s just light bleaching.

That looks like the 3lb recipe I follow, only it’s missing hygrozyme.

Haha. This stuff?

It’s one of the “etc”. I put in 8ml/gallon with every feed.

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That’s the stuff lol. Probably somewhere following that chart huh?


You’re hitting part of schedule that’s calling for more grow right?

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Yes. Although I doubt I’ll see anything near 3lbs. I’d be exctatic with 1lb.

As far as the earth juice nutes, I like them so far. The smell got the thumbs down from the girlfriend… and I’m growing in the basement.

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Yes, giving them boatloads of grow.


I meant 3 little birds haha. A pound will do for sure.

I never really had too much of an issue with the ej after moving to that schedule and adjusting some for lighting. One of the major differences you’ll see is using the oily cann vs calmag. You have no nitrogen while calmag has a butt load. So what you see most correcting with calmag you won’t exactly get same results by throwing the oily cann at them. You’ll likely need to extend beyond recipe a little with a nitrogen source.

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I’m going into week 6 and am hesitant about nitrogen. I have cal-n-mag as well as oilycann… should I use it next feed?

How about the flush. Just water or should I use an agent like florakleen? I don’t want to !@#$ it up at the end.

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Earthjuice organic? I was planning guano n earthworm casting teas…

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Projected flowering time is 8 weeks or how long?

I’ve never used a flushing agent. Have gone straight water and have done a mixture of molasses and Epsom salt.


8-9 weeks. I add 20ml unsulfered molasses to 4gal ever other feed during flower.

Earthjuice is not truly organic, but close. All my feeding is with nutes bubbled with h2o for 48 hours.


I’m pretty sure the line you’re using is organic. It was omri listed until not too long ago, and they didn’t make any changes to that line that I know of. I think what happened is that some of the omri requirements changed and they opted to keep their recipe the same.

I’ve noticed they have more products now, so maybe some of them aren’t organic. But last I seen the originals still used organic bases.


So now I’m thinking about eliminating the Roleadro cobs from this setup and replacing them with 5 more light strips. I’d be putting them on a .125"x8"x46" piece of aluminum and mounting that between the other light strips. @dbrn32. I’d once again be using the longer Bxeb-l1120z-30e4000-c-b3 strips. I’m assuming the HLG-240H-C1050 would be the best driver? I’d like to get around 220-230w in addition to the 180+w that’s already in place. Giving me 400w to light a 48"x30" Scrog. I figure this is the least expensive way to do it @ around $225…

You have the same roleadro cobs as @Screwauger?

He’s going to be replacing the leds with citi 1212’s soon.

I have the 2nd gen Roleadro cobs. Non Cree.

What’s the cost to replace the leds on 2 lights? How many watts and what spectrum? Can one easily just swap out the leds and reuse the drivers/case/heat sinks?

The Roleadros have been used for 1 grow. Unless there’s a huge improvement switching out the leds at a lower cost, I’ll probably stick to the light strips and try to sell the roleadros. Convince me otherwise :+1:

I’m not sure that’s same light he has or not. If it is, seems like fairly easy replacement. There’s 4 drivers inside you use one for each cob and remove 2. I think it’s a pretty significant upgrade. Probably close to same amount of light for half the power. They’re available in just about any color temps you’d like. If you were to go that route, you’d have two extra drivers to play with as well.

Hmmmm, if all I need are 4 cobs (2 lights, 2 cobs ea). It’s seems pretty cheap.